Tweety…Don’t let the cab door hit you in the ass on the way out of town

From Scout:

I do hope Chris “Tweety” Matthews had it in his plans to go do some Big Easy partying after “moderating” the mayoral debate last night. (background & Video here) Yes I hope he delivered himself unto the people of NOLA after questioning the wisdom of rebuilding their city and displaying his ignorance of who was responsible for the drowning of New Orleans. (*cough FEDS*) Because if so I think they’d have given him over to a NOLA cab driver (not the proverbial Beltway metaphoric cabbie) with instructions to dump his bloviating butt in the Industrial Canal.

Here’s the reaction from New Orleans bloggers to Tweety’s disgusting display…

From Wet Bank Guide

He again asked the candidates to explain to an imaginary cab driver why his tax dollars should go to rebuild houses below seas level, unfortunately reenforcing the myth that the entire city lies as much as ten feet below the surround waters.


Matthews represents a real problem: the perception not of that cab driver, but of the political and media elite. Matthew’s ignorant suggestion that the levees aren’t a federal responsibility or that the city lies far below sea level do us a greater disservice than Bay Buchanan’s howling about Katrina fatigue. Folks like Matthews are about theatre, not journalism, and they don’t let the facts get in the way of the show.

From Ashley Morris: The Blog

If you happen to run into Chris Matthews, could ya do me a solid?

Slam a sledgehammer into his crotch.

From World Class New Orleans

These are not the comments of a journalist who merits national attention.

These are the words of an uninformed crank.

NBC could have plucked a guy off of a barstool at Parasol’s and gotten a better performance from a debate moderator.

From The Third Battle of New Orleans

So you didn’t get to see the debate last night? There’s only one thing needed to be known: Chris Matthews is a douchebag. There it is.

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From Scout:

From People Get Ready

What was the purpose of Matthews quizzing Nagin and Landrieu what they think about John McCain or Hillary Clinton?

My answer is that Matthews asked about what he knows (useless gossip), or talked about his streetwise prejudices (blaming local politicians exclusively for the failed federal levees). He didn’t do any homework to prepare questions that might elicit information that would actually help voters decide which candidate would be the best mayor to rebuild New Orleans.


From Metroblogging New Orleans

I am happy to say that neither of the candidates completely embarassed New Orleans in front of the entire world. I can also confidently say that Chris Matthews is a huge windbag.

From The G Bitch Spot

Why were the New Orleans mayoral runoff candidates on MSNBC? Why was Chris Matthews involved? Chris Matthews does not care about black people.

From Notes from Atlantis

At what point did those looking for news about New Orleans become condemned to the Donald-Duck-style sputterings of Chris Matthews? Just wondering.

All emphasis theirs, not mine, though I heartily agree.

UPDATE: More reaction

From 2Millionth Web Log

rove tweety

(photo from 2Millionth Web Log with this caption: Karl celebrated a late Mardi Gras last night.)

GOP talking points spilled out of Tweety’s pie hole like a backed up toilet during last night’s mayorial debate–fortunately I was busy with chores and could only listen…

As I commented over at Moldy City, I can’t afford a new TV right now, and if I’d actually been watching when Karl, um, Chris, suggested, without any hint of irony, that it’s acceptable for the federal government to abandon the city because it’s a DEMOCRATIC STRONGHOLD, I think I would’ve kicked out the screen.

Between that and the rest of his theatrically driven drivel–rude interruptions, incorrect statements/myths presented as “facts,” the standard wingnut “cabdriver” story, etc., etc., genuine matters of public concern were lost. However, this hopefully generated some degree of national publicity, and neither Nagin nor Landrieu embarrassed themselves.

From da po’ blog

No Title Good Enough

Chris Matthews (as seen on World Class):

“Nobody out there thinks the problems are with the levees,” Matthews asserted, but rather with corrupt local officials.





What the fuck?


[Proceeds to jump out window. Lands safely. Realizes he lives in one-story house. Proceeds to look for two-story or higher window.]