The Definition of Bullshit

From Scout:

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Michelle Malkin never misses an opportunity to spout her racist idiocy even when miserably ignorant as is the case with her post “The Definition of Insanity,” on the NOLA mayoral election, thus proving it is she who is forever Stuck on Stupid. The wing nut meme on Nagin’s re-election boils down to this….Blacks are Stoopid. This is the kind of “analysis” which comes from people with a racist bent anyway but who also do not pay attention until after the fact. Always a great combination for cementing oneself in Stuck on Stupid. Had the wingnuts the equivalent of one heart and one brain between them along with some intellectual curiosity pre-election they’d have known of the Adrastos-Oyster Theory.

There were rumblings being heard in NOLA several weeks before the election of whites planning to vote for Nagin as retribution against the Landrieu family for Moon Landrieu, father of Nagin’s opponent Mitch Landrieu, having desegregated City Hall back in a time when of all things the entire country was being desegregated. At the same time there were other rumblings, Republican ones, being noticed in the crescent city. A couple of NOLA bloggers paid attention to their surrounding Reality and dug into this. Through a process of discovery and reasoned analysis (antithesis to Stuck on Stupid) they were able to flesh out what became known in the NOLA blogosphere as the Adrastos-Oyster Theory.

Basically the theory is as follows.

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From Scout:

First from Adrastos….

The Oyster-Adrastos theory is that many Looziana Repubs want to help re-elect C Ray so that they can use him, in Oyster’s memorable phrase, as a useful idiot for the GOP to pound on in next year’s statewide election. C Ray defeating Mitch would also have the side benefit of damaging Landrieu as a statewide candidate for either re-election or the governorship. The GOP thinks that the combination of C Ray and Meemaw [Blanco] is its ticket to taking control of state government next year.

And from Oyster

I said, many Republicans believe Ray Nagin should be reelected Mayor of New Orleans. They want him to lead New Orleans for the next four years, and some are doing everything they can to assist this effort. According to the Gambit Weekly “several sources say former Gov. Mike Foster… has been working behind the scenes to drum up Republican support — and money — for Nagin as part of an organized GOP move to weaken the state’s Democratic infrastructure, which would help Jindal in his expected bid for governor next year.”

To add more credence to the theory a well placed LA Republican insider told adrastos that LA repubs had approached Ray Couhig (former Repub mayoral candidate) with a deal if he supported Nagin they would finance a future bid by Couhig for Jindal’s old seat once Jindal moved on up. This Repub insider was so disgusted by the R’s trading of NOLA’s future for pure political power he planned to vote for Landrieu. The Republicans could use the disdain for anything Landrieu held by a segment of NOLA’s white voter’s to make it all work.

And it appears it may have happened that way. This election was going to be determined not by blacks voting for a black or whites voting for a white but who got a crossover vote. It appears Nagin did better. Though he gained in all precincts, in the runoff vs the primary, the biggest gains were in predominately white ones. In the primary Nagin received only 9% of the vote in precincts that were 0-25% black (ie white voters).But in the runoff he got 24% of that vote. In the 25-50% black precincts he gained another 14%. That 29% increase is what likely sealed the election for Nagin. (source NYT. Click “Graphic: The Vote in New Orleans” in left sidebar)

One could argue racial anxiety fueled the voting on both sides (scroll to Predictions: Identity Politics 101 for a good analysis) It is generally believed blacks voted for Nagin to maintain an African American presence in NOLA government. And it could be argued a deciding segment of whites however allied themselves with Repubs hell bent on power and damn the city’s future and voted to stick it to the Landrieus for their long past “sin” even though many question Nagin’s ability to lead the city’s reconstruction. (see primary results) And let’s not forget that if NOLA is a “Chocolate City” it is because as da po’ boy said….”Chocolate wasn’t added. The Vanilla left.”

Accordingly blacks voted their best self interests and a deciding segment of whites voted against theirs. So the question must be asked of Michelle…WHO’s really Stuck on STUPID ???

The answer will come in time for ALL the people of New Orleans. It is they who will pay most not Malkin or her race baiting wingnuts. As to whether THEY are Stuck on Stupid the answer is clear if one applies the old adage used by MS Unhinged herself (They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.) If you’re going to continue to put up lazy, ignorant posts then yes the result each time will still be Bullshit.