From Scout:

Larry King’s interviewed Laura and George tonight. Not much there but here’s this exchange with Bubble Girl

KING: Doesn’t it hurt to say more people are — don’t like what I’m doing than like what I’m doing?

G. BUSH: Well…

KING: Does it bother you?

L. BUSH: Not really. I mean, the polls are just…

KING: But it’s a sign.

L. BUSH: It’s a sign, but it’s not necessarily really what we see. I mean, when we travel around the country, when we visit with people, that’s not what we hear all the time.

bush town hall

Laura and George meeting with the people… the “hand picked” people of course….

SHREVEPORT, La. – In state after state along President Bush’s Social Security road campaign, hand-picked audiences cheer him, leaving the impression that the nation wholeheartedly backs his ideas for reform.

The reality is different.