Bush ‘The Decider” Can’t Decide

From Scout:


Earlier this month it was revealed that the White House would be stripping recommendations from a Congressionally mandated report by the Army Corps of Engineers that was to make and expedite recommendations on a system of storm protection for Louisiana. The report was released today and indeed the recommendations were gone…

….the Bush Administration and the Army Corps of Engineers Monday submitted to Congress an interim protection report that includes no recommendations for specific projects.

And the reason given is curious. It appears The Decider can’t Decide…..

In a cover letter to Vice President Dick Cheney, who serves as president of the Senate, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works John Woodley Jr. warned that making the decision to proceed with greater hurricane protection could be daunting.

“Ultimately decision makers will have to use their best judgments to make tradeoffs as to which, if any measures they deem practical,” Woodley said. “There is no such thing as unlimited resources, and we must also not be indifferent to the consequences of proposals for levees and other storm damage reduction structures on the wetlands ecosystem. (emphasis mine)

Sen. Landrieu is calling for an investigation…

Landrieu immediately asked U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Water, to hold an investigative hearing into why the report was changed by the administration after being agreed to by corps local staffers and the state. (emphasis mine)

Of course as they say, no decision is a decision and Bush “The Decider” has once again decided to ignore (neglect, slap in the face, stick it to, say fuck you) Louisiana.