Not so Fast……

From Scout:

New Orleans has pulled out of contention for the ’08 Democractic Convention because they don’t have corporate sponsorship. Ashley asks Why? And Slim says not so fast and makes a point…..

The Dems should just choose New Orleans, and then put their shoulders to the wheel to help raise the money to make it happen.

This is our chance to make a difference locally in New Orleans while changing the course of the country at the same time.

What better way to spotlight the neglect of New Orleans by the Bush administration (and, by association, the GOP candidate) while showing off Democratic compassionate ACTION to right that wrong, than to hold the 2008 convention in New Orleans?

Think of Al Gore (whether he’s the nominee or not), up on stage, showing the clip from An Inconvenient Truth that spotlights Katrina and the other fierce storms of 2005. Against that, show films of Bush playing guitar and sharing birthday cake with McCain as New Orleans drowned. (This would be even better if McCain is the GOP nominee.)

Think of media coverage of democratic volunteer & delegate workparties going out to work in NOLA and the surrounding communities, rebuilding houses and carting away debris.

It would give the Convention and the party a kind of energy the Dems been missing in presidential races – the kind of energy Dean had pre-Iowa (and the kind of energy John Kerry never managed to generate).

Please email Howard Dean & the DNC if you agree.