Linc Chafee In Deep Shit

From Holden:


It doesn’t look good for Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, whose support has gone from bad to worse in the latest Rasmussen Reports election poll of Rhode Island’s U.S. Senate race.

Chafee now earns just 41% of the statewide vote and trails Democratic challenger Sheldon Whitehouse by five percentage points. In June, with 44% support, Chafee was a bare two points ahead of Whitehouse; in April he had scraped a three-point advantage.

Chafee continues to be challenged for the Republican nomination by Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey as Republicans show their disaffection with the incumbent.

Now trailing Whitehouse 29% to 57%, Laffey would probably by crushed in a general election. Nevertheless, he secures higher support from fellow Republicans (61%) than Chafee does (52%).

Let’s see now, if we can take out Chafee, Burns, DeWine, Santorum, Frist’s open seat, and Lieberman we’ll have 51 Democrats in the Senate, no? Hello, Majority Leader Reid.