And Now Bring The People’s Power to the Gulf Coast

From Scout:

Joe found out what happens when our representatives are out of touch with the little things bothering us like War, a fact which probably has the Kewl Kidz peeing their pants today. We all know they fail to recognize the people’s views on more than just the Iraq War. But did you know the Katrina Disaster is on the list? Probably not given the much ballyhooed “Katrina Fatigue” emanating from the DC Beltway and media control rooms.

Seems the powers-that-be are also out of touch with the American people on the concern for the Gulf Coast’s plight according to a Kaiser Family Foundation study. The Times Picayune reports a national survey found “that most Americans aren’t afflicted with Katrina fatigue and they still possess a deep reservoir of empathy and a willingness to help.”

In a phone survey 60% said that the disaster is on their minds either “very often” (20%) or “somewhat often” (40%). And 70% said that the people of the Gulf Coast have not received what they need with 56% saying the federal government has not done enough. The CEO of the Foundation said this…

“It suggests that the public would be receptive to (hurricane-recovery) initiatives undertaken by politicians in the future,” said Drew Altman, president and CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation. “It’s not that the public is saying enough is enough. That is surprising at a time of war and at a time of rising gas prices.”

And Rep. Bobby Jindal, R-Kenner, says there is a “disconnect” between the American people and policy makers in DC and the national media adding this…

“What I worry about is it could become a self-fulfilling prophesy,” Jindal said. “If Congress, the national media and the (Bush) administration think Americans aren’t interested, they will move on to something else.”

They are moving on but as we’re all feeling the strength of people powered politics today let’s remember the people have not. We need to speak that truth to power also. They’d love to remain in their “Katrina Fatigue” Bunker but we need to drag them out one by one kicking and screaming or whining and peeing. It isn’t the American people who have turned a blind eye to a region still lying in ruins. It is our atrociously indifferent leaders.

From now to ’08 every politician seeking office will have to address the Iraq War because they can’t hide on it anymore. We can’t let them hide on the Gulf Coast either. Every one of them should be asked and have to answer what they will DO for the Gulf Coast. Hold them accountable and let the people rebuild this country.

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