Bush Less Popular Than Everyone Else

From Holden:

There’s a new Cook/RT Strategies Poll out today that shows Chimpy’s approval rating unchanged at 39% (however his disapproval rating has risen four points to 55% since their last poll in July).

That’s cool, but check out this question and the compiled responses.

For each of the following individuals, please tell me how much you like them as a person, using a scale from 0 to 100, where:

0 means you do not like that person at all, and

100 means you like that person a great deal.

George W. Bush 43.6

John Edwards 49.1

Hillary Clinton 43.9

John McCain 54.8

Rudy Giuliani 59.4

John Kerry 44.9

Ha! Good thing for the Chimpster that they didn’t have Hitler on their list as polling lower than Der Fuehrer would be embarrassing.

And things are not looking good for the GOP in November, either.

Which party would you like to see in control of Congress after the congressional elections in November?

Democrats 51%

Republicans 40%