Hold it… there’s a Flag on that Post

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I really hate this kind of wingnut dishonesty.DebbieSclussel.com has a post today on repairing the Superdome. First she snarkily concludes why “NFL gazillionaires” aren’t paying for the repairs…

We can’t have billionaires and millionaires putting money out of their own pockets, their own wallets. That just wouldn’t be right.

Well yeah it wouldn’t be right given they don’t own the stadium. It isstate-owned like ya know just about every stadium in America is state/county or city owned.

Then she rails that it was you the taxpayer who paid for this at the expense of the poor…

So who paid for the newly glimmering Superdome–$170 million of $185 million in Superdome costs?</pScout


Yup. Taxpayers paid money in the name of public assistance programs for relief from Katrina and other disasters. Who knew the “public assistance” was not for poor, homeless, downtrodden hurricane victims, but for . . . NFL gazillionaires?! Should “public assistance” go to improved scoreboards, upgraded suites and club lounges, and “leatherette” upholstery? Taxpayers got soaked.

From the article:

The money being used for this was from the public-assistance program from FEMA on insurance disasters.

Well Debbie cuts the quote off mid sentence there even placing a period where there was none. Let’s look at thecomplete quote

“Some people ask, ‘Why would you rebuild the Superdome when you’ve got neighborhoods that can’t be repaired?’ Thornton says. “The money being used for this was from the public-assistance program from FEMA on insurance disastersto cover state property. It has nothing to do with housing or individual allocations to people, so we’re not competing. Besides, we believe this is going to stimulate activity that’s good for the whole area.” (emphasis mine)

Geez that sort of puts it in a different light…a disaster program specifically for state property separate from allocations to individuals.

The final part is what I really like though.

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She rants about the $42 million in improvements and upgrades that were made during the repairs again saying YOU, presumably meaning some Joe Schmo in ButtFuck, Nebraska had to pay for it under the guise of “hurricane relief” and “public assistance” by citingthis article.

Now if she just checked the sidebar of that same article she would have seen this…

The LSED (Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District) refinanced $195 million in outstanding debt to generate $40 million.

And if she’s done just a bit of searching she’d foundthis

While they are making repairs, Superdome officials hope to add about $42 million in upgrades — including new scoreboards and video boards, leather seats in premium sections and enlarged luxury suites —extras the federal government won’t pay for. The Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District is expected to seek approval Monday from the state Bond Commission for extra borrowing authority to finance the improvements and cover part of the balance of the repair costs. (emphasis mine)

Looks like Debbie and YOU aren’t paying for that “leatherette upholstery” after allunless you live in Louisiana. (oops looks like the LSED funding isself-generated) So much for state’s rights and ah responsibility.

But why let the facts get in the way of a good rant when you can cut quotes and ignore info right in front of your eyes.

Now you can argue whether stadiums ought to be publicly owned but then argue it for all cities. Yeah I’d like to see the reaction to the movement for every sports team to be community owned like the Green Bay Packers. There’d be an outcry that Commie Cheeseheads are infringing on the free market right of Gazillionaires to be well Gazillionaires. But if Debbie wants to look at this further I suggest starting with a good case study involving Dear Leader, the Texas Rangers andArlington Park Ameriquest Field as“lousy policy to use government moneyto subsidize billionaires in the pursuit of their business interests.”

But in the end, after all that has happened, can’t we just let the people of New Orleans have at least a bit of normalcy and reclaim the Superdome. Go Saints! And all theother teams and events at the new Superdome

3 thoughts on “Hold it… there’s a Flag on that Post

  1. Yep, I was thinking about the Arlington Park thing through the whole post, Holden. I remember reading in Shrub about how Dubya and CO. got a bunch of properties “condemned” so they could build their park without having to pay fair market value to people who didn’t want to give up their land.
    I’m more than willing to have my taxpayer dollars going to help rebuild just about anything in New Orleans–publicly owned or privately owned. Those dollars would do a damn sight more in NOLA than they’re doing in Iraq.

  2. Ameriquest Park.
    Aka The Ballpark in Arlington.
    Damn thing was built with a taxpayer bond and people who’d owned their homes since the 1940s were turned out under the GOP interpretation of manifest destiny (that’s why there’s a move afoot to strengthen private property protection, which in light of ‘redevelopment’ schemes all over the country almost looks sane even if it is a libertarian initiative) and Shrub’s cronies’ plan to “improve” the Rangers’ facilities.
    Dishonesty just runs so damn deep with these people.
    Oh, and the idiot ranting about rebuilding the Superdome?
    The hell does she live, and what’s her excuse? Why should I or anybody else give a damn what that particular beeyotch wants to rant about?

  3. That pickin’ and choosin’ with the words to get the quote to go your way chaps my hide majorly. Thanks for putting up the full quote, Scout.

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