The Democrats will take all your money and get you killed…

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 21 — President Bush began a blistering new political offensive on Thursday, asserting that if Democrats won control of Congress from Republicans it would mean higher taxes, less money in the pockets of working families and damage to the economy.

The speech by Mr. Bush here, in which he belittled Democrats as “the party of high taxes,” signaled what Republicans described as a new phase of the White House’s fall campaign, as Republicans begin to combine their emphasis on national security with a tough new emphasis on the issue that unites them more than any other, taxes.

Mr. Bush’s offensive was backed up by a flood of television advertisements on behalf of Republican candidates.

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UPDATE: Egaads!

TheDemocrats founded the KKK and Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican!

3 thoughts on “Yikes!

  1. They’re already at it. My egregious Rep, Sue Kelly (NY-19), put out her first ad, accusing her opponent of wanting to raise taxes.
    This is the first time in ages that Sue has had a real opponent, and so she’s running the classic Republican playbook. Looks like the Democrat, John Hall, is taking the right response: with state and federal and even county government run by Republicans around here, who exactly is responsible for our skyrocketing taxes? Sue Kelly voted to cut Federal taxes, knowing that states and localities would have to pick up the slack. He also talks about her never having voted for a balanced budget since Bush took office.
    The tactic is old and hoary, and it can be fought.

  2. that is old and tired. at least not the new meme that democrats will make us less safe.
    why AREN’T they using that?

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