Mon, 25 Sep 2006 14:40:12

There were two Dollar Bill Jefferson sightings in the Debrisville media Sunday. First there was a lame article by the Picayune’s inept man in Washington Bruce Alpert. It’s a lazily reported piece about Dollar Bill’s possible indictment in the Nigerian Telecom scam. The story did however provide a belly laugh by concluding that politics would not be a factor in any indictment. Politics is always a factor; especially where the Beavis-Duce-Rove cabal is concerned. They beat the Iraq war drums in part to gain control of the Senate in 2002. It worked.

Back to Dollar Bill: the Alpert piece skated past the possible impact of the appeal of the congressional office search warrant. Sloppy sloppy sloppy. I guess Mr. Alpert was eager to get back to playing with the Tijuana Brass or something:

Oops that’s Herb not Bruce Alpert. Never mind.

Hmm now that I think of it the lonely bull is an apt description of Dollar Bill nowadays. He’s always been able to spread the bull thin and wide but it’s not spreading as easily right now. If he weren’t such a corrupt shitbird I’d almost feel sorry for him.

The other Dollar Bill media sighting was on WWL-TV’s Sunday Morning with Dennis Woltering. The Klepto Congressman appeared with two of his opponents State Senator Karen Carter and ex-Council Clown Troy Carter. Unlike Mother Maybelle AP June and Carlene these Carters are not family. The mini-forum was a rather pedestrian affair. Karen Carter was far too delicate and indirect in discussing Dollar Bill’s legal woes which allowed him to counterpunch at will.

One of the challengers needs to get up on their hind legs and say: “Congressman you claim that there’s an honorable explanation for the 90 grand in your freezer. The voters need to hear it BEFORE the primary.” Of course he’d try to lawyer the subject but the question needs to be posed directly: that’s the only way to make him look as shifty as he really is. Pussyfooting won’t get the challengers anywhere. Dollar Bill may be a shitbag but he’s still a political heavyweight who needs to be knocked out. Instead Karen Carter appears to be going for the political equivalent of a  Love TKO: great song poor strategy. Playing patty cake with Dollar Bill won’t get the job done.

Finally I have some unsolicited advice for Ms. Carter. Stop referring to yourself in the third person: Karen Carter this and Karen Carter that. It’s annoying and it reminds me of Bob Dole who did the same thing incessantly. I neither need nor want to be reminded of Viagra Bob Dole. So please do me this small favor Miz C so I won’t be a man of constant sorrow…