We Might Have To Start Calling Them “Bluenecks”

Is theHeartland trending Democratic?

A new poll being released today shows rural voters in battleground states and congressional districts are up for grabs in November’s election.

That could be bad news for Republicans.

The nation’s rural voters are conflicted: While President Bush is more popular with them than he is among all Americans, it’s still not a great rating, and rural voters tend to agree with Democrats on the need to get out of Iraq. They also believe economic growth in the country is uneven.


“Rural is in play,” said Dee Davis, the president of the Center for Rural Strategies, the Whitesburg, Ky., think-tank that commissioned the survey. “Who wins rural matters. The Republicans won’t hold Congress with the rural margins we are seeing now.”


The poll found rural voters:

•Believe the country is on the wrong track. There were 56 percent who said the country was headed in the wrong direction while only 35 percent said things were going in the right direction.

•Are divided about Bush’s performance in office. There were 47 percent who approved of the job he’s doing and 48 percent who disapproved. While that’s not good for Bush, it is a better rating than he gets with the country as a whole.

•Divided evenly between the two parties in races for the U.S. House. Each party captures 45 percent of the rural vote. The rest are undecided or for third-party or non-party candidates.

•In the Senate races measured, gave the Republican candidate 47 percent of the vote and the Democratic candidate 43 percent.

•Gave a slight edge to Democrats when asked which party cares more about rural issues. Democrats won 42 percent; Republicans got 36 percent.


[T]they tended to side with the Democrats in the national argument over the Iraq war. There were 55 percent who agreed with the statement that “the U.S. has done as much as we can to stabilize Iraq and needs to have a responsible plan that tries to get our troops home by next year.” There were 41 percent who agreed the U.S. “can win the war in Iraq and needs to stay the course until we do.”


A large majority of the rural voters polled — 62 percent — said the economy has improved mostly for the wealthy. Only 34 percent said it’s improved for most people.

One thought on “We Might Have To Start Calling Them “Bluenecks”

  1. I spent some time with my solidly-Republican rural mother this weekend, and she is so appalled by the Bush administration that she’s ready to vote blue. Her concern is that the Democrats aren’t saying boo about the torture fiasco or the Iraq war, expressing disappointment in Feingold, who seems to have vanished completely. There are votes to be had, if the Democrats could find a backbone. But as long as they hew to the DLC line it won’t happen.

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