5 thoughts on “An Extra-Special Edition of Your Republican Juggernaut Update

  1. “Goodly, Kathy enjoys the sockpuppet of happy! Voting to enjoy a victory, yes?”
    this is GOP. this is your brain on GOP. any questions?

  2. …”kathy showed great victory”?!
    That doesn’t MEAN anything!
    ~~Darryl Pearce (a.k.a. “Fuming Mucker”)

  3. Lets think of the possibilities here. This is great.
    1) Harris campaign is hacking into an Indian server. Isn’t hacking a cybercrime? Harris campaign uses federal-felony technique to show [feigned] support.
    2) Harris campaign outsources their positive comments to India. I’ll ignore how pathetic that makes her. But the good Reputlican is outsourcing to India. Taking good American jobs away from the American people.
    3) Either way, Republican campaign is spamming blogs. No respect.

  4. i will not laugh at her til she has to concede. THEN i can enjoy her having to leave the FEDERAL government where she should have been BANNED from and may her name be mud in the future, IF we have one.

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