Government said to be blocking global warming/hurricane report

I’m really getting sick of this crap. From theTimes Picayune

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Bush administration has blocked release of a report that suggests global warming is contributing to the frequency and strength of hurricanes, the journal Nature reported Tuesday.

The possibility that warming conditions may cause storms to become stronger has generated debate among climate and weather experts, particularly in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

In the new case, Nature said weather experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — part of the Commerce Department — in February set up a seven-member panel to prepare a consensus report on the views of agency scientists about global warming and hurricanes.

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According to Nature, a draft of the statement said that warming may be having an effect.

In May, when the report was expected to be released, panel chair Ants Leetmaa received an e-mail from a Commerce official saying the report needed to be made less technical and was not to be released, Nature reported.

Leetmaa, head of NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in New Jersey, did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment.

NOAA spokesman Jordan St. John said he had no details of the report.

NOAA Administrator Conrad Lautenbacher is currently out of the country, but Nature quoted him as saying the report was merely an internal document and could not be released because the agency could not take an official position on the issue.

However, the journal said in its online report that the study was merely a discussion of the current state of hurricane science and did not contain any policy or position statements.


The possibility of global warming affecting hurricanes is politically sensitive because the administration has resisted proposals to restrict release of gases that can cause warming conditions.

In February, a NASA political appointee who worked in the space agency’s public relations department resigned after reportedly trying to restrict access to Jim Hansen, a NASA climate scientist who has been active in global warming research.—–

One thought on “Government said to be blocking global warming/hurricane report

  1. This is silly, but there’s something great about them quoting from Nature all the time in this article. It has the feel of Mother Nature wagging her finger at them. “Bush says there’s no global warming, but Nature disagrees!”
    Why does science hate Bush? Because obviously science has it in for the guy. Time after time, it makes him look bad. Ground Zero air quality, Terri Schiavo, stem cell research, and about a million times with global warming.
    If I were MIT or CalTech, I’d be worried about a bunch of middle-aged paratroopers landing on my lawn soon.

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