2 thoughts on “Filibuster or Shut Down The Senate!

  1. Right … I would love to see this but I just can’t see the current Deomcrats in the Senate pooling their resources and coming up with spine enough for 41. It is a sad day for the country .. Repugs and Dems alike. The Repugs are immoral, but the Dems are letting them do it. Oh how I wish it were different, and will gladly eat crow later if proved wrong, but I think at the end of the day I’ll be eating pasta (sans crow).

  2. The time for filibuster is long gone.
    The only way this bill gets stopped is if one of the amendments passes, and then the reconciliation between the Senate and House gets hung up, such that further action gets put off until after the election. (And if the Specter amendment didn’t pass, neither are any of the others going to pass.)
    The bill is gonna pass.
    And the next thing that will happen is people will say “How can anybody calling themselves a Democrat vote for this?!? That’s it, they’ve lost my vote!!”
    DO NOT give into that impulse!
    I’m sure we’ve all heard and read about “Get Out The Vote” efforts, and how they can swing a close election.
    One of the purposes of the ‘Torture and Repeal Habeas’ Bill is to “Keep In The Vote”; ie. discourage democratic voters, and in doing so, suppress democratic turnout in November.
    You would be reacting EXACTLY the way Rove and Cheney and the other evil people of the Republican party want you to. You MUST resist the impulse!
    Take down the names of those who are facilitating the Republicans in shredding the Constitution, and work like hell to defeat them in the 2008 primary. But DO NOT act now in a way that will further facilitate the actions of the Republicans over the next two years.

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