13 thoughts on “A Whisker Away From Rove

  1. Friday. News about the scandal all over the place. “Hmm, what can we slip out today while people are looking elsewhere.”
    I know get rid of a direct link between Karl and Abramoff. Good thing she never talked to Karl, you know being as she was his Chief aid and all. Loyalty Smcholity.

  2. “I told you we consider the matter closed…what…? I told you we don’t want to talk about it anymore…what…? I can’t hear you. I CAN’T HEAR YOU! la la la LA LA LA LA…no body’s listening to you… LA LA LA LA…”

  3. According to the stories, she accepted thousands of dollars worth of gifts from Abramoff without compensating him. Just what should the compensation have been?

  4. Oh, she compensated him all right. Just think of all the legislation that came out the way Abramoff wanted. Think of all the decisions that Bush did that benefited Abramoff’s clients.

  5. Just curious . . . do you think that the Friday 5:00 pm data dump works anymore? It seems like releasing news on Friday gives us in the blogosphere all weekend to do research and build an awareness level that the media sometimes picks up and runs with.

  6. Unless I am very mistaken, and I am not, this administration has surpassed Reagan’s corruption record. Isn’t it a shame that there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that could be used as a remedy for the executive branch corruption we are experiencing? I understand that is because Bush issued a signing statement to his oath of office removing certain phrases from the Constitution he was swearing to protect.

  7. Shhh. They haven’t figured that out yet and it is working in our favor. Oh, wait, they won’t ever read anything here. They only listen to their little echo chambers at Drudge, LGF, Instapinhead and the like.

  8. unless somebody like dickie or kkkarl was fucking her in the oval office, the sheeple wouldn’t care.

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