10 thoughts on “As Far As You Can Get: Galactica Thread

  1. The freepers are gonna be screaming about this all season long. I’ll refrain from further comment until you’ve seen it.

  2. I’m guessing that everyone named Ronald Moore is going to have a much tougher time getting on a plane after this.
    Also, I can’t even imagine what A is going to say after seeing the Kara/Leoben scenes.

  3. well, what BlakNo1 said, though it’s hard to refrain from more.
    But, bear with me here:
    earlier in the week, the Veronica Mars season debut gave a ginormous shout out to BSG The punch line was “Frack. It’s the profanity of the future.”
    And holy jesus, the future we saw on BSG during those two hours last night wasn profane. So beyond fucked, it would take the light from fucked a thousand years to reach them.
    Desperate people take desperate measures.

  4. Good Luck, Athenae. I know if I had to wait another day for Galactica, I’d have gone insane.
    And it was worth it too. I counted at least 4 or 5 times where I saw the hand writing on the wall in terms of what was coming on the show, said to myself “Oh no, please not that”, and still managed to be horrified when it happened. (I’m being vauge ’cause I don’t want to spoil you).
    THAT is good TV. When you see something horrible is coming and you’re still shocked when it happens.

  5. The only thing horrible that I saw coming was this whole baby storyline… gag me. I hope Kara snaps that thing’s neck here before too long because I don’t want to have to sit through watching her change diapers.
    Kill the kid, or lose a fan.

  6. What, Duck’s, actions didn’t make you wince just a little? (If his actions didn’t get to you, what about the fact that his real target never bothered to show?)
    Or the Babi Yar-ish scene at the end?
    Or Gaius’ second betrayal of humanity? Or Saul MF Tigh’s moral depravity?
    I could go on…

  7. No spoiler, but I’m not surprised we found out early on what happened to Kara’s ovary, given all the baby shots in the ten Webisodes at Sci-Fi.
    Cylon babes ruuuuule — but so does Starbuck.

  8. I have to take this beyond the political issues for a second (sort of). Just as an example of the art of television it is a crime that this show does not get far more respect.
    Jarring visual imagery, tight dialog, classic made new literary techniques this is simply on the highest level of the medium (Rome is the only other show that is on that level) The characters that are not larger than life but “human” in a sense that is all to often destroyed by methods used by most TV shows. Each one is found to be whole people with faults and failures and struggles to do what each thinks is best based on the complex mix of facts and principals that each of us have. The characters feel “real”, in a realistically depicted but utterly unreal situation.
    I find it difficult to come up with a single drama other than Rome that comes anywhere close to the quality of this show. And sadly this show would not have made it past the 6th episode if it had been on any of the major networks.

  9. I find it difficult to come up with a single drama other than Rome that comes anywhere close to the quality of this show

    The Wire.
    But in no way arguing about your basic point. It IS breathtaking.
    Rewatching this morning I noticed much more how beautifully shot this was. Even the bleakest scenes were beautifully somber.
    And the hands. All the hands bathed in light throughout, from beginning to end.

  10. I agree,Virgotex. Beautifully shot. The opening montage, with the particular focus on the hands, was spectacular. It reminded me of (yes, I know this will make people gag) a great line from The Neverending Story. That vast majority of that movie was godawful (except for the lhasa apso/dragon), but there’s a line at the end where the big giant guy is so sad because he couldn’t save everyone, he couldn’t hold on to them. He says, “They look like good, strong hands, don’t they?” And it was heartbreaking.
    That’s what I got from that opening scene–that these are Tigh’s hands, they look like good, strong hands. And look at what he’s going to do with them. What they’ll all do with their good, strong hands.
    I also loved that he made note of the contradictions in Laura’s character–that sometimes she seems completely ruthless, and others so soft she could be the StaPuft Marshmallow Man. Actually, that’s a good metaphor for her–because sometimes she’s the SCARY StaPuft Marshmallow Man.
    And that little exchange between Laura and Zarek near the end of the episode. Oh, my.
    What an amazing episode. What an amazing show.

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