Your Monday Afternoon Republican Juggernaut Update

It’s hard to imagine thatthis woman is allowed to wander around unsupervised.

Senate candidate Katherine Harris met with a half-dozen members of the press corps outside a Shell Oil Co. gas station in Lake Mary this morning to underscore what she calls her opponent’s lack of leadership in solving America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Harris, R-Longboat Key, is facing an uphill contest against Democrat Bill Nelson. She paints Nelson as a do-nothing senator who opposed a bill that would allow off-shore drilling along Florida’s coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. While that is true, Nelson opposed a bill for drilling that set the limits at 100 miles off Florida’s east coast, and off the Gulf at 240 mile limit; she later points out that Nelson supported a bill that would allow off-shore drilling at a 3-mile limit.

MEANWHILE Nelson’s people, went ballistic over Harris’ claims. Bryan Gulley, Nelson’s spokesman said that Harris doesn’t have a good handle on the issue. Harris later explained what she meant by her claims that Nelson supports drilling after a 3-mile-buffer. She says because that is the existing law (although there’s a moratorium against drilling at all in place until 2012) Gulley saus [sic] that is very misleading.

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