2 thoughts on “Ted tell us what you really think

  1. Yep, he pretty much sums up Fox.
    And while CNN certainly has not sucked on that right-wing teat to the extent of Fox News, I generally cannot hold it in very high esteem from a journalistic point of view. But to expect any television news today to even remotely resemble a true journalistic endeavor is probably being a bit naive to say the least. I, like most who probably peruse this blog, have found the dependability of mainstream corporate driven news to be, at minimum, very suspect. And at its worst, populated by a bunch of blind, spit-sucking entertainment whores.
    I like Ted Turner. But, with the exception of the honest and truthful reporting of a few brave souls, CNN is nothing but cerebral junk food.

  2. Ooo ooo, let me try!
    Transcription: “PPPPPPHHBBBBTTTTTT”
    But wait! If you slow that down, you’ll hear that he’s actually giving you a very specific answer.
    Slow-Mo Transcription: “PPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH-hire-more-nancy-graces-and-glen-becks-BBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTTT”

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