Adorable Democrat Story

Aw. Sothis is why John Laesch hasn’t responded to my online marriage proposals:

If this week is any indication, Laesch will certainly find plenty more opportunities to bring Hastert’s record to light. He’s appeared on CNN, NBC, Fox News, Univision, National Public Radio, and most recently, Chris Matthews’ Hardball. He’s convinced he can win; his campaign’s most recent internal poll, taken before Foleygate, put support for Hastert at 55 percent. And at any rate, running has already been worth it—in May he got engaged to his campaign manager, a former ex-girlfriend and former Republican who he’d encountered on the campaign trail. “I got through the primary, and I got the girl,” he says, “so now I’ve just gotta to take down the speaker.”


4 thoughts on “Adorable Democrat Story

  1. My spam filter must have caught that online marriage proposal from you. That’s the only reason I can’t find it in my email.

  2. With that announcement, I’d say that he’salready won, and that taking down Hastert is just gravy.

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