Holy Butt-Pat Batman!

Did CSPAN tapethis?

A former House page said he witnessed inappropriate contact between former Republican Congressman Mark Foley and another page in the back of the House floor in early 2001.

The page, Richard Nguyen, a first-year student at the University’s Gerald Ford School of Public Policy, said he saw Foley pat a male page’s behind.

UPDATE: ViaJosh Micah, Holy Dorm Visits Batman!

A staff supervisor at the dorm for congressional pages intervened when former Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) tried to pay the teens a nighttime visit in the summer of 2000, ABC News has learned.

The pages were having an informal “mixer” party in their dorm at the Tip O’Neil building behind the Capitol, according to a former page who was 17 at the time.

“It was a beautiful summer evening, and I recall Mr. Foley arriving in his blue Series 3 BMW convertible about 9:30 at night,” the former page said. “Several of us saw him and went outside to chat.”


The former page, who spoke to ABC News on the condition he not be identified, said he then began receiving instant messages and e-mails from Foley which became sexually explicit immediately following his 18th birthday.

He said he has not retained any of the messages or e-mails.

“I would turn on my instant messenger, and he would be online at all hours of the day or night. The talk would quickly turn sexual,” he said. He says Foley requested that he send photos of himself performing sexual acts.

4 thoughts on “Holy Butt-Pat Batman!

  1. Best line from that…
    “I wasn’t sure if it was a social norm I wasn’t accustomed to,” Nguyen said

  2. Well, to be fair to Nguyen, he’s afirst generation Viatnamese American, meaning that his parent(s) emigrated to the U.S. So it’s not entirely impossible that that was his honest reaction.
    I love ya, Scout, but sociology tells us to give this one the benefit of the doubt. 😉 (I know, when the Repubs are involved, nothing can be given the benefit of the doubt…I know…but I’m a sociologist first and I can’t help this one. hehe)

  3. HA! Here’s the best line from that story, imho:
    Of the page dormitories:“I always felt safe when I was there,” Nguyen said. “But then again, I was a Democratic page.”

  4. Now THAT is hysterical!
    Translation for the trolls: It’s funny because it’s true…

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