3 thoughts on “Another Awful Presser

  1. So what did Resident Codpiece screw up today? Or should I just wait and get the highlights from Keith or the Daily Show?

  2. Remember the good ol’ days early on when the psychophantic press would proof-read, re-interpret and fix up things nice and neat for Bush?
    Today the White House Press Corps still consists largely of incompetent media whores that wouldn’t know a key issue or a critical question if it leaped up and groped them while touring the page’s dorms, but at least now they’re largely quoting the embarrasing utterings of Dear Leader verbatum as he serves them up, so at least the ‘Murcan’ people can finally see him for what he is, warts, brain farts, and all.

  3. Bush, “This here’s my nose, that means, this thing on my face with the pimple, is what I keep picking”

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