The Adults Are In Charge

God Bless America

The man who stepped down recently as director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ordered his staff to help with his nephew’s high school homework, wasting the agency’s time and resources and violating ethics rules, a Justice Department inquiry concluded Wednesday.

The nephew’s project — a documentary about the ATF that took 10 months to complete — was one of a half-dozen examples of lapses in judgment Carl J. Truscott committed before he resigned in August, according to the report by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine.

3 thoughts on “The Adults Are In Charge

  1. “To the victor goes the spoils” Remember when the Republicans said that? As violation after violation of ethics law and common sense pile up we get a clearer picture of what they meant by that remark.

  2. After reading the post I thought “where do they find these bone heads?!?” Then I read your comment and all became clear.

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