Plush Life 1, Bush Family 0

Four legs writes to Poppy Bush:

Not content to unleash him on the oil industry, you got your friends and patrons to launch him on an unsuspecting American public.

The result? Thousands of American soldiers are dead, not to mention the thousands dead on 9/11 because your twit of a kid was too incompetent to listen to the warnings the intelligence community was screaming at him. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians are dead because your kid wanted to one-up you. And now the entire world is living under the threat of nuclear oblivion. And this time, crazy people have the bomb.


7 thoughts on “Plush Life 1, Bush Family 0

  1. Wow, A. Thanks for the link. Four Legs Good said what the old bastard should be required to hear.

  2. .
    i think four legs good gives junior too much credit. sure he’s a complete, total fuckup, but so are all republican “leaders” (frist, hasert, delay, lott, boehner, mccain, and on and on – not an ounce of intelligence among them). they’re that way by design so the puppeteers don’t have any trouble from them – idiot leaders ARE the republican product.
    you think things would be different if some other republican vacuous fool clown was their fearless facade leader, like maybe that genius ronnie raygun? not a chance. things are pretty much as the backroom boys planned, including having someone like the idiot boy king as preznit.

  3. I’ve read ‘four legs…’ before but now I’m bookmarking the site.

  4. Bush II is Bush I’s revenge for rejecting him and electing Clinton.
    These are really bad people.

  5. crazy people have had the bomb for as long as the bomb’s been around. just sayin’.

  6. I’ve felt this way for quite some time. I don’t know how he and Bar can show their face in public. And then he gets all pissy when anyone asks him about any of Jr.’s major league fuck-ups.
    And I wish Clinton would quit being so nice to him.

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