12 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. (Woman’s thoughts)
    Jesus I’ve got chimpy to my left and maccaca boy to my right oh my God this is embarassing please shoot me somebody I feel dirty I’m gonna need a hot bath after this what the hell is he saying now? what a moron how the hell did an imbusul get to be president? his father must be so ashamed do I have any valium in my purse? oh god I left it at home oh please god don’t let him say anything that will get this on the ten ocloock news I need a drink oh god my head’s gonna explode…

  2. “This week Ah’m’a blamin’ THESE people for everything that’s gone wrong in mah administration! Next week Ah’ll blame someone else! As long as it isn’t me! Nuthin’ is ever mah fault, r’member that!”

  3. “Yeah, and this boy back here is “hang ’em high” Jim. Come up front and show these fine folk the noose in your back pocket Macaca ole boy”

  4. Bush: “Who the fuck are these people?” “Get them off my stage.”

  5. Eli beat me to the punch.
    How about
    “Remember when you point a finger at someone you have 4 fingers pointing back at you!”

  6. Woman: “Must…not…slap…the…president. Oh, but I wanna, I wanna, I wanna! Must…not…”

  7. I love felix here. he makes me feel smart. (ba da bump)
    Ole mac and I have something in common. Famous daddies who kept our wothless asses out of hot water when we was younger, you know in our thirties. (ba da bump)
    But seriously folks, me and ole general lee here do have a lot in common, we both act like we’re from the south, even though i went to private schools in connecticut, and he is from california, and we did a lot of drugs back in the day… a lot of drugs, you know what i mean? a lot of … what was i talkin about?

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