Michael J Fox ad for WI Gov Jim Doyle

Michael J Fox has also done an ad for WI Gov. Jim Doyle and here’s why. Wisconsin has led the way in stem cell research. It was UW Professor James Thomson who first isolated a stem cell line twelve years ago and Gov. Doyle has fought to keep WI a leader…

As Governor, I’ve put forward a comprehensive strategy to keep Wisconsin at the forefront of stem cell research:

* We’ve made an unprecedented investment of $750 million in public and private funds to encourage stem cell research in our state.

* In recent months, we’ve unveiled the flagship of this effort, a major research center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that will be a platform for groundbreaking research.

* I’ve directed Wisconsin’s Commerce Department to recruit companies doing stem cell research to our state.

* And last year, Wisconsin was selected as the nation’s first – and only – stem cell bank.

There’s more info atStem Cell Champions for Doyle

Here is the ad and thank you Michael. The last thing WI needs is Mark Green and Rush can stick it up his fat ass