Independent Ponies

The Independent examines the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll and finds much to like.

Independent voters are flocking to the Democrats ahead of next month’s mid-term congressional elections, strengthening the prospect of a resounding victory by the party in the House of Representatives, and boosting hopes that it could capture the Senate as well.

According to a poll in yesterday’s Washington Post, self-proclaimed independents – who account for a third or so of the electorate – say they will vote for Democrats rather than Republicans in their congressional district by a margin of 59 per cent to 31, usually citing disillusion with war in Iraq as the prime reason.


[M]any senior Republicans concede that Democrats are likely to make the net gain of 15 seats needed for the narrowest of victories [in the House of Representatives]. But a much bigger win could be on the cards, analysts say, involving the capture of up to 25 seats that would leave Democrats with a workable majority. The party is pouring money into some 40 Republican seats it thinks are vulnerable, some in regions like the south-west that once seemed impregnable.

Scarcely less ominous for Republicans is the outlook in the Senate. Until recently it was assumed Democrats would do well – but not well enough to make the net gain of six seats for outright control of the 100-member chamber. Everything is up in the air now, analysts say. Democrats have long held an edge in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Montana. Their candidates are now running neck-and-neck in Republican-held Missouri, Virginia and Tennessee.

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