2 thoughts on ““We Never Said Stay The Course”

  1. I’d like to comment that these ads using the clip of Bush with Stephanopolous (sp?) are cutting the clip to soon. They need to show and zoom in on Bush’s smirk right as he says (in ParisHiltonSpeak) that “they’ve never been stay the course”, like omigod! The smirk is his complete tell that he is lying and knows it. They need to emphasize that part specifically.
    That is the look of a petulant little child that knows he is getting away, quite literally, with murder.

  2. I’m all for Dems beating up Republicans, especially this GOP party.
    But the best they’ve got is “New Direction for America”? That’s it?
    The GOP crawls up on your doorstep and shoots itself repeatedly in the head, and the best you can come up with is “New Direction for America”?!
    Oy, gevalt!
    I hope they’ve got a better plan than that for January.

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