15 thoughts on “Bush’s Heart Felt Thank You…

  1. Karl’s a faster reader but “My Pet Goat” has smaller words”?????
    I hate to be a cynic and look a gift horse in the mouth (but feel I have to with a gift horse from BushCo) :
    Rummy resigns. The new guy is a hawk’s hawk, ex CIA from the Bush/Reagan era (?error?).
    Isn’t this still the process of bringing in the Kissingers and others who got us into trouble in the first place?
    The one ray of light is that confirmation may take some time.

  2. Oh I couldn’t resist and had to use it. I think Holden is a bit busy today with some family obligations so…

  3. And we appreciate every stupid thing “you” did to throw the election our way. Thanks.

  4. The ultimate act of disloyalty, losing the house and senate and thus, opening little Bushie (aka, Dick Cheney) to a host of subpoena power from NOT just the House but the NOW Senate too.
    It’s a load double-barrel shotgun of “you had better comply forthwith or else” and it’s more powerful that Bushies little veto.

  5. The entire wingnut approach is instructive. They have an expert in winning elections, Rove, and they have a policy agenda, the establishment of fascism in the US. The two rarely intersected. Anyone thinking that Rove directed policy in Iraq is mistaken. The invasion wasn’t HIS idea. The righties did their thing–robbed the middle class, tried to destroy the environment, social security, public education, etc., started a military quagmire, and immersed themselves in perversion and corruption–then told Rove to sell it to Americans.
    All in all, he did a pretty good job. Beating Kerry and maintaining a Congressional majority last time were minor miracles; the result this time, given the circumstances, was certainly not a blowout. In fact, from the Dems point of view, this result should be seen as acceptable, but by no means a triumph. They were running against the stupidest, most corrupt, perverted, and politically inept set of Republican candidates in history. Given their “accomplishments of the last 6 years, the word “republican” should be a schoolyard insult that starts fights. The entire party, and and all of its enablers and sycophants, should have been swept into “the dustbin of history.” So Rove did not exactly have a lot to work with.
    Rhode Island is a good example. Chaffee had an approval rating of 66% ON THE DAY OF THE ELECTION. He lost 53% to 45%, simply because people wanted the Republicans out. THAT’s what Rove had to work against, to a lesser extent, across the country.

  6. It’s funny, but post-election I feel a certain fondness for Bush. Like when you discipline a child and then feel a little bad about being so angry with them. I bet his approval ratings go up 10pts in the next month.

  7. Gotta admit, Bush had some funny lines at the presser. Someone said it, but he is kinda charming in defeat. Way more so than in victory. Or maybe it’s because I’m feeling more gracious after the landslide asskicking we delivered.

  8. Rumsfailed’s replacement is another Iran contra criminal. The only one without a job in bush’s government is Ollie North

  9. The Chimp’s contrition act act is just that. He will not change and it’s just a matter of time before he drops the act. Please do not be fooled. I know it sounds harsh, but now he’s down and it’s the time to kick him and his criminal pals — hard. I’m not saying don’t make nice for a while; just limit the graciousness to making nice. This apparent charm is just Bush’s way of trying to wiggle out of real investigations and accountability. The Dems should take nothing (more) off the table because President Asshole will be reappearing on TV screens soon enough. After all of the shit that has gone on for six years, if Bush doesn’t feel as if the Sword of Damocles is hanging over his head, the Dems are doing something wrong.

  10. There’s the “Super Genius” phrase I was waiting for! Scathing clip, too.
    Nice one, Holden. Scout will vouch that I’ve been excitedly anticipating that lovely phrase since last night.

  11. OMG that’s fabulous!
    Karl’s BFF isn’t very happy with him today. Time to put in a call to Jeff Gannon for some meth and massage.

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