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Damn it. It’s been such a good week but there was the marriage amendment passing here and nowthis

Just three days after Madison’s left celebrated wins by the Democrats, broadcasting behemoth Clear Channel Radio delivered a stunning right hook Friday, announcing it would silence Air America in the Madison market and replace the liberal talk-show format on WXXM-FM (92.1) The Mic with an all-sports format from Fox Radio Sports.

So long, political debate and comment. Hello, serve, set, spike and point.

“I find it puzzling as to the timing given the election results,” said Terry Kelly, one of the founding members of the Air America network and a longtime Madison businessman. “There is no business reason that is apparent to me (for the change), therefore, one wonders what the real reasons may be.”

The move by Clear Channel, which operates 1,140 radio stations in the United States, comes after the radio station posted a solid gain in the Arbitron ratings, going from a 2.3 share in the summer of 2005 to 3.7 this summer, placing 11th in the market for listeners 12 and older. It also means that beginning on Jan. 1, one of the most liberal cities in the country will be without a commercial radio network of the same tilt.


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  1. This is just the beginning. They’ll cut off communication between liberal and progressive elements of society first, then try to set the atmosphere for discussion, then tilt the public opinion in the direction of their choice. I’m speaking of course about the core right wing, which controls some communications channels directly (Faux News, Not-So Clear Channel) and most of the rest by intimidation and access to “news-makers”.
    Look for gas to reach $3.50/gallon fairly quickly as market demand suddenly outpaces production after the election. I suspect we’ll be okay through Christmas but 2007 looks ugly.
    Call them on their maneuvering. Boycott advertisers, get your local citizens and internet participants together, pool your money, buy a station and put Air America or other progressive talkers on locally. Challenge the licenses of the station at every turn. A cloud of gnats in a monsters eyes can cause it to walk blindly off the cliff.
    Most importantly, keep the faith, make the Air America podcasts available via link and start your own local podcast to challenge the voters of Madison to keep up with the issues maintain control.

  2. Podcasts, yes.
    Links to streaming Air America, definitely — I don’t have an Ipod yet, and I bet I’m not the only working parent in America who can’t afford all the toys even for my kids, let alone myself.
    And where in the name of all fuck are the evil lllllliiiiieeebrul geniuses who can take overclocked PDAs and $3.99 laser pointers and disable Faux News’ satellites???

  3. not in madison. i don’t listen to AA, but this is so typical rite wing crap. the republikkkans think that if they own the airwaves and the billboards, their propaganda will prevail.
    didn’t work now did it.

  4. XM Radio, channel 167.
    XM is just great, LOTS of music choices, wide wide playlists, NO COMMERCIALS (at least on the music channels; on stuff like Air America, and Major League Baseball – where I could listen to Uecker sitting here in southern Cal. – most of the the commercial slots are filled with ads for other XM shows and channels.) For the WORT fans in the crowd, imagine your favorite WORT program being on 24/7.
    If you can swing the $12 a month, I can’t reccommend XM more highly ( I heard Sirrius is good, too).
    – robertearle

  5. It was actually kind of surprising it lasted as long as it did, controlled by right-wing tool Clear Channel—I guess they thought as long as we were harmlessly ineffectual, it wouldn’t hurt to cull some advertising dollars (though the MIC always has the strangest assortment of ads to buy gold and get-rich-quick schemes it hardly seems as if they were trying). But once we proved progressivism was actually alive and well, we were too dangerous to support.
    Well, back to Books on Tape for me.

  6. Are there any attempts by AAR to move the programming to a non-clear channel owned station in Madison?
    If AAR was 11th, seems like there’s a lotta channels to chose from…

  7. (With apologies to J.Biafra)
    Imagine what we all can do! Anyone can put a website up whether on a fancy-schmancy REAL domain or on a free site. And now, with bandwidth and storage costs decreasing, anyone can throw a monkeywrench into the Corporate State-owned/subsidized media.
    My favorite tools so far are definitely oldskool: AOLpress and OpenOffice.org for HTML and a killer office suite with a KILLER word processor, vintage 1998 CorelDraw/PhotoPAINT graphic tools and much more. Heck, even digital video cameras as well as open-source codecs such as XviD and LameMP3 are bringing tools once only accessible to A/V engineers down to the level of cheapskates who have something to say yet don’t have the budget to do so.
    I would say that the budget for my toolbox is around…hmm…less than $50 for the software itself.
    Speaking of which, have you noticed how prohibitively expensive commercial authoring software is?
    Peace out! And, BTW, I don’t get my news from television, newspapers or other “old media”. The paradigm has shifted to the point of a Blue Wave engulfing congress. 🙂

  8. Just a reminder – one of the great ideas in the works is to destroy “Net Neutrality”
    On better note, the Simpsons just went off. Tonight’s episode was a brilliant stab at BushCo’s military. Some of the better themes: Military pays principal Skinner to pitch to his?middle school? resulting in Bart enlisting, The military gets the authority to invade US cities under an amendment hidden in the “Broccoli Day” proclamation (I knew we should read those signing statements). etc.

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