5 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. *fuckmooks*
    I have learned a new word and I like it.
    Everytime I think about the levees. Lack of levees. Inadequate levees. Ecologically stupid levees. Failed levees. Broken levees. 19th century levees in our 21st century world levees. I want to scream and slap somebody.
    This string of photos should be sent on posters to everyone in congress. They should run on the front page of every newspaper in this country.
    This is how government money is supposed to be spent, people. Spend it today.

  2. And this from the GOP party of “responsibility” and “accountability”. While little Shrub was frying his peanut sized brain at parties and skipping Ivy League classes, did he miss the class that water flows downhill? Tying into Athenaes post yesterday on bloggers as journalists, **WHY CAN’t the MSM FIGURE OUT HOW TO BROADCAST THESE PICTURES?!?!?!?!!?*
    I was interested that below the pictures is a link to where the Mayor of Venice is saying their flood barriers are a mistake, but didn’t give the details of why.
    As Pansypoo points out, the levees are just one part of a strategy. If you’re going to rebuild New Orleans you’ve got to look at wetlands. You’ve got to look at construction practices.
    The saddest part of this is that I’m associated with a disaster preparedness group and have all sorts of fancy classes, made by FEMA, **INTRODUCING** me to disaster preparedness. The Gospel according FEMA is that there are 4 steps. Of those 4, 2 steps are concerned directly with what you to to make make sure it doesn’t happen, or if it happens to lessen the impact. This was FEMA under BROWNIE – EVEN HE GOT IT!
    And Georgie trusts what his generals on the ground say?

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Scout, I’m thankful that you still have words, because I don’t have any at the moment.

  4. Of course, if Palm Beach had the same problem, we know what the levees would look like.
    But if you’re poor, black, and living in a state with a Democratic governor, well then, never mind.
    This should be high on the Dems agenda.

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