Fiddy State Throwdown

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The truth of it was that Democrats won in places where Democrats hadn’t won before because they campaigned in places Democrats hadn’t campaigned hard in before: in Idaho, Kansas and South Dakota. People won’t vote for you if you don’t tell them why they should. Voters are fickle; more than that, they’re busy. You can’t wait for them to go out looking for you. You have to knock on their doors.

What’s more, failing to campaign everywhere, to contest every seat, fails voters of all political stripes. Democrats in red states deserve representation of their voices by candidates for election, just as Republicans in blue states deserve.

In the 2004 presidential election here in Illinois, you’d never have known there was even a fight, for all that we saw the candidates. When politicians abandon two dozen states to their opponents, they’re effectively saying to the voters in those states, “Don’t bother, we don’t need you.”

(They also annoy the living hell out of the residents of the remaining states. I have family in Wisconsin, and Bush and Kerry practically moved up there two years ago. The candidates’ constant presence didn’t change many minds, and between the highway shutdowns for motorcades and the barrage of campaign ads, they really got on the locals’ nerves.)


6 thoughts on “Fiddy State Throwdown

  1. Yup, Carville and the clowns advocate a big F.U. to all those dems in states with no candidate.

  2. It could be worse. According to the newspapers yesterday, a republican led committee on illegal immigration put out a report that (here it comes, brace yourself) the reason for illegal immigration was abortion. Abortion means that our best workers never lived and creates a hole that sucks those Mexicans right in. Also tied into the report was that we need to drop the income tax and go straight to sales tax only.
    Mind you, I will continue to fight against abortion. But if abortion caused a lack of workers, then shouldn’t we open the borders, get on our knees, learn Spanish (Not Castallano, but the Mexican Spanish), convert all our roadsigns to Spanish and beg those ‘spics to come on in?
    And how does a straight sales tax solve the immigration problem?
    In their defense, several of the committee members who signed the report said that they don’t remember the above being discussed in the committee meetings. (Fine job of vigilance in protecting the people?!)
    And how much do we pay these guys????????

  3. neglected to say above, that is the great state of Missouri which shares a common border with Mexico on the northern side????

  4. The biggest complaint that I hear about the Fifty State Strategy is that some money was diverted from close races that the Dems lost. Why is it that the Beltway consultants believe that, if only more money were spent, this race or that race could’ve been won?
    Guys like Senator-Elect Webb and Senator-Elect Tester, along with many others, won not because they outspent their opponents, but because people at the grassroots and netroots level engaged the voting public, which couldn’t have happened without the Fifty State Strategy establishing Democratic Party foundations in those states. Sure, the Repubs imploded, but it was having credible candidates that the voters could rally around and support that made the ultimate difference.

  5. I had friends in Wisconsin and in Pennsylvania in 2004; they got endless attention from both campaigns. I lived in New York. We never even saw either of the candidates.
    My friends told me that I had nothing to be jealous of, and I’m sure they were getting sick of all the visits and attendant tie-ups of traffic and so forth.
    But there’s something wrong with a system that allows so many states to be utterly ignored, especially when at least some of those states are heavily populated, economically powerful states.

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