They Hate You

I think what makes me the angriest about stuff like this is not that Democrats are sucking up to bigots, it’s that they expect itto work:

This kind of thinking has finally gone mainstream and is fully integrated into the debate among influential Democrats. Granted, Longman’s advice to the DLC was to embrace “family friendly” policy but as you can see from his comments, in order to truly embrace these undereducated “Quiverfull” nuts whom everyone thinks need to be part of the Big Tent (birthing and cleaning after everyone apparently)the agenda is going to have to expand significantly. We are already seeing the argument going beyond abortion and extending into the birth control realm.

And … look. Just once and for fucking all, okay? PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE NEVER GONNA VOTE FOR YOU. It doesn’t matter if you inch to the right a dozen times on abortion, it doesn’t matter if you denounce gay marriage even louder than your Republican opponent, it doesn’t matter if you come right out and say that what’s important for us girls is to have lots of babies and to form a society that imposes subtle forms of coercion upon us to do so even if we’re not sure we want that.


You’ve got to understand, Mr. Centrist Moderate “I’m Not A Dirty Hippie, I Love My Country, Watch Me Punch This Feminist To Prove It” Pseudo-Democrat. This isn’t a rational political allegiance based on a sober analysis of the issues. There are Republicans like that, and those are the people you can reach, but these aren’t them. These are the people who root for the Republicans like they root for the Packers: because it makes them feel better when the Republicans win. Because the hardcore racist sexist homophobic Republican message validates the lives they live, makes them feel good about themselves. You can’t compete with that. You can go into their living rooms all you want and tell them why the Bears are the better football team this year, and they’ll look at you like you just hit them with a bag of nickels, and then they’ll grab you, collar and belt, and throw you out of their houses.

You’re a member of the party of gay-sexing, regardless of your position on gay rights. You’re the party of Babykiling On Demand, regardless of your position on abortion You’re the party of taking some white guy’s job and giving it to a lesser-qualified black woman, regardless of your position on affirmative action. You’re the party of replacing the Pledge of Allegiance with the Wiccan Rede, regardless of your position on the separation of church and state. It doesn’t matter what you say, what your positions actually are; they’re not even listening to you. You can talk all you want about how much you love and value the Packer philosophy and actually agree with it in many respects; you’re wearing blue and orange, and that’s all they can see.


Democrats will never win the Hate Olympics with these people, and those who continue to counsel we should even play obviously haven’t turned on the TV in a week, because there’s plenty of people out there who aren’t looking for the candidate who can be as contrary as possible to the party to which he belongs, in defiance of all sense and in such a way that it harms his or her constituents. There’s plenty of people in Kentucky, in Indiana, in Idaho, in Virginia, who are looking for Democrats who support equality, fundamental rights and equal protection under the law. There’s plenty of Democratic voters in Montana, Nevada, Colorado for you to be friends with, so go talk to them instead, you’ll spend a lot less time apologizing for your very existence.

(And not for nothing, but the people who already voted for you in Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont are getting really fucking sick of being told you’d rather sit over there at the Asshole Table than hang out with the people who’ve supported you all along.)



13 thoughts on “They Hate You

  1. What the government says the Bears are better than the Pack…why @$@^*$^%#%#!!!
    Seriously this is exactly what I think each time comes up. Like you say…SO JUST GIVE IT UP ALREADY.

  2. Rant Rating:
    Passionate: 10
    Informed: 10
    Well-written: 10
    A perfect score of 30! Great work as always, A

  3. And fuck the media for trying to steer the narrative that way. Dems should be careful. Dems need to be bipartisan. Dems are divided.
    The Dems need to kick serious ass like they were elected to do. The media needs to shut the fuck up.
    Now go do it. You have the People behind you.

  4. Oh yeah, and they gotta kick Bush when he’s down over and over till he’s in a cold cell somewhere.
    “Mr. Bipartisan” uniter/decider here’s my BoltonWackoJudges fuck you, Pelosi!

  5. The cure is simple.
    Turn off the TV.
    Quit reading the Beltway 500.
    They are irrelevant.
    They are useless.
    Treat them as they deserve.

  6. amen, A, amen. It’s the most pathetic strategy possible: cave in on all the subjects that matter most to your existing core audience (because you assume you can take the left-of-center vote for granted) in a vain attempt at getting some of the wingnut vote. Then you get to roll over and play dead when the next Rove clone one-ups you and makes the election about some other wedge issue where he knows the real born-and-bred party of fascism and all things ugly will always have the upper hand.
    I mean, really — does anyone still believe for a moment that we can beat the rethugs at their own game? They invented it, they live and breathe the game of hate, they wrote the rules, they re-write the rules as needed, they bribe the judges, and the spectators are all theirs: do we really want to go anywhere near their playing field?
    Instead of showing them how we can do “racism with a human face” how about the Dems instead try to re-edumacate potential swing voters about what real American values are; perhaps slowly regaining an upper hand by proudly stating and insisting that e.g. a living wage and health care are *not* parts of some communist agenda, but things that the greatest country on earth can and should be able to do AND have money left over for homeland security and all the other things that give conservative soccer-moms lady-wood.
    Let Rove and his soulless thugs own the hate-vote and the hate-voters. They’re made for each other, and they’ll never split up. So, rather than appeal to their base instincts, the goal should be set to diminish their numbers by making a fraction of them appreciate that hate is not a valid metric of quality of life.

  7. hey, don’t go hatin’ on the Packers. they are, after all, the only community owned team in the NFL

  8. the democrats need to INSPIRE the lazy assed to get off their buts and fucking VOTE. lead dammit. just lead.

  9. Athenae…
    I KNEW there was I reason I liked you! Keep up the good work!
    ~~Darryl Pearce (a.k.a. “Fuming Mucker”)

  10. The thing I noticed about the articles was the almost complete absence of the fathers in the discussion of the families. How are these people supporting families with eight to twelve kids? What kind of future are they planning for those kids? I work with some LDS members who are making decent coin in high tech, with five or six kids, and they watch their pennies. I can’t believe all of the Quiverfull people are making big bucks.
    I wonder, because — despite the scenario of “Big Love” — the polygamous families of Utah and Arizona are often sucking off the public teat, so to speak. It seemed as if some of the husbands were ministers, could they be getting money through the government’s faith-based initiatives?

  11. Great post.
    But the Bears still suck. Once again, we turn for guidance to the Happy Schnapps Combo:
    How many times must we take this disgrace
    Another Bears fan throwing insults in our face
    The Packers are the greatest team to ever play the game
    Even if from time to time they’ve been a little lame
    How could you ever love a team with Jim McMahon
    Not even Porky Pig was as big a ham
    They got a reputation that’s mostly based on luck
    The Bears…Still…Suck
    The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
    The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
    They really really really really really really suck
    Yes the Bears…Still…Suck
    If you drive to Soldier Field they make you pay a toll
    For cripes sake they only won one lousy Super Bowl
    They make fun of Wisconsin, but we don’t get upset
    Where do you think that they’re all headed every chance they get
    We don’t really hold a grudge ’cause this is all in fun
    As far as football rivalries we’re both number one
    Still we wouldn’t mind seeing Ditka run over by a truck
    ‘Cause the Bears…Still…Suck
    The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
    The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
    They really really really really really really suck
    Yes the Bears…Still…Suck
    (All the ladies now) The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
    The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
    They really really really really really really suck
    Yes the Bears…Still…Suck
    (Everybody now) The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
    The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
    They really really really really really really suck
    Yes the Bears…Still…Suck…HEY !!

  12. Kudos especially to the last parenthetical comment. As a New Yorker who has been voting Democratic all my life, I am so royally sick to death of the so-called Democrats who keep talking about how we need to woo Republicans by turning into Republicans, only maybe a little nicer than the regular Republicans.
    It was such a pleasure to work for and vote for a real Democrat in my district, someone who wasn’t trying to pretend that he was just like a Republican, but someone who stood up for the basic Democratic values — fair play, fair wages, the rule of law.
    First thing we do, let’s kill all the consultants. Especially the ones who give this kind of advice.

  13. If we could do what it would take to get the votes of these folks, could we then sleep at night? Look our children in the eye? Look ourselves in the eye?
    I didn’t think so.

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