9 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Election Adrenaline Hangover Edition

  1. could i have that bubble wrap?
    ebayer needs some packing stuff. i have gone to dumpstes to take that shit out. chased a roaming bag of styro peanuts last winter. NO idea where it came from.
    cats don’t seem to find bubble wrap interesting, but then mine are clawless.
    now string?

  2. Don’t tell St. Rudy. All New Yorkers will recall his fetishistic loathing of ferrets.

  3. I’m curious,
    Does s/he like rolling up in the stuff or does s/he also like popping the bubbles?

  4. He mostly likes the noise it makes when he rolls around on it. And I think the texture is like getting a scratch all over. But he doesn’t pop the bubbles or chew the wrap. If he did we’d have to take it away.

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