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I self nominated one of our Kartina videos (9th Ward:God is Watching Us) for Video of the Year at the 2006 Weblogs Awards.

As of now, most if not all the other videos nominated appear to be of a conservative bent…ah Hadji Girl got a nomination.

So dear readers can you take a moment to go and nominate our video. First, last and foremost it is another means to remind people that New Orleans is still Not OK.

So if you wouldGO HERE and leave a comment to nominate “9th Ward: God is Watching Us”

Here is the link for the video to leave in comment as well:

Or if you have any other FD video you’d like to nominate please do so.

Let’s represent… as the kids say

UPDATE: Also just nominated the follow up video …9th Ward–One Year Later–God is Watching Us.

Link is…

So if you can mention both. Thanks folks

12 thoughts on “Nominate Our Video

  1. Done! And thanks again, scout, for your tireless attention to my home town. One day I’d love to fix you some stuffed mirlitons!

  2. I’d love to, scout, but I’m no longer living there. I’m in Portland, OR, and a friend from back home is shipping me about a dozen of them “vegetable pears” so I can make it here for Thanksgiving. However, I will be going back to NO in the spring for my 45th high school reunion, and if you happen to be there I’d love to buy you dinner and make a toast to you and yours!

  3. I’m afraid to ask and grew up in the deep south.
    What’s a vegetable pear????

  4. A vegetable pear is the term my grandmother and many of her generation, and my mother’s too, for a mirliton. A mirliton is also called a chayote squash in other areas of the country. Of course, I’m in my 60’s now, so vegetable pear has probably been delegated to an obsolete category – sorta like me. 😉
    MapleStreet, do you really live on Maple? Is the Bookstore still open?

  5. Thanks Dancinfool. Never heard of a vegetable pear before.
    Anyway, I used to live in Charleston, SC but recently moved to the midwest. The “MapleStreet” is in memory of the Twilight Zone episode – The Monsters on Maple Street. I’m a big fan and see it as a description of the fear of the last few years.
    (If you’re not a big fan, you may still remember the episode. Funny things started happening on Maple Street. Electricity went out all over, but then came back on in one house. A kid pulls out a comic book which deals with aliens coming and the lights go out. As more strange things happen, the community starts accusing each others of being aliens in disguise followed by violence to the disguised aliens.
    Cut camera to nearby hilltop where a couple of aliens are causing the odd events to happen. One turns to the other and remarks along the lines of “See – I told you it would be easy.”

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