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  1. There is a picture of the Vietnamese monument marking the McCain crash site at the link below.
    From The Mourner’s Song: “An easier stop for Americans than this gruesome souvenir is the crumbling concrete monument to a pilot who parachuted into a small lake in the northern sector of Hanoi and was captured and beaten by local farmers. As the inscription reads, “On September 26, 1967, on the Chapai Lake, Vietnamese people and army in Hanoi captured the American pilot Major John Sney McGan of the United States Air Force, who flew an A-4 fighter. This was the eighty-first fighter and it was shot down near the Yen Phu City electric plant. It was also one of ten American fighters shot down on the same day” (fig. 15). “John Sney McGan” is a garbled version of the name of John McCain, the U.S. senator, then the son of one of the top American commanders in the war and for that reason one of North Vietnam’s prize American captives.”

  2. If we’re talking ‘Nam-era rememberances, maybe McCain can drive through Houston and point out the bar where Bush did 12 tequila shooters in 1971 and urinated all over the jukebox.

  3. Let’s see, you’re in a country with which the United States was once engaged in a war over thirty years ago but with which we are now at peace and is now an important trade partner in the global economy. What should America’s leader talk about in 2006?
    Oh yes, the war.

  4. PRESIDENT BUSH: I just had an enjoyable lunch with my friend, John Howard. We talked about a variety of subjects. I talked to John about Iraq. I appreciate the Australian contributions to helping this young democracy succeed.
    I thought that wingers believe democracy and communism are diametrically opposed. How can Vietnam be both Communist and Democratic, George?

  5. And compared with Cuba which we have never been at war with, very possibly could be an important trading partner, is much closer to us geographically, and often used as an example to feed the discontent of western hemisphere countries with the use …???????????
    I have heard that a republican is one who says we must establish a rapport with China because they are a communist nation and then says we must totally isolate Cuba because it is a communist nation.

  6. And I’m sure he will soon get in a boat and visit the bend in the river where John Kerry got shot saving a fellow soldier.

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