2 thoughts on “More All-Time Lows for The Chimpster

  1. Please explain to me: thinking of the timing of the poll, the demise of Rummy had made the press by the time of the poll. The people had already heard Shrub tell the people that he got their message. The people had the opportunity to hear Shrub talk about being non-partisan (and even wear a blue tie to prove it). I’m not sure if there was time for the people to hear that the exit plan for Iraq is to send in more soldiers.
    Considering this, on what basis are the numbers still sliding? Have the poll numbers fallen so sour that they generate their downward spiral?
    BTW – remember poppy Bush who was immortalized for the vivid handsignals for that downward spiral. Wouldn’t it be great to apply “that downward spiral” to sonny boy’s performance? Perhaps a comedy schtick on meeting at home during the holidays with poppy Bush cutting the turkey while criticising Shrub for that downward spiral?
    Otherwise, I’m reporting you to the SPCA for your unwarranted exposure of ponies to steroids. The Olympic doping committee will be paying a call shortly.

  2. When Bush won in 2004, I was devastated, but even then I felt that his re-election might be providence. If Kerry had won, he would have been battling with a Republican Congress as well as an unpopular (and unnecessary) war, which might have hurt the cause of the reality-based movement. Bush would have slinked away without facing accountability and, dare I say it, impeachment (even talk of impeachment will be damning for this lame fuck). I just knew that Bush was gonna screw up some more, and despite the harm his policies would cause America and the world, that the Republicans would be, in the long run, hurt even more.
    But I never thought that it could happen so quickly. Thanks, Howard Dean, and Happy Birthday to you, sir!

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