More Republikkkan Family Values

I suppose “family values” includesbeating children.

U.S. Rep.-elect Tim Walberg [R-MI] is working in Washington this week to hire a 10-person staff, but he refused to rule out employing a former official who pleaded guilty to domestic violence during his campaign.

Daniel A. Coons, 30, of Eaton Rapids could face up to two years in prison for third-degree child abuse, depending on a District Court judge’s ruling Dec. 7.

This week, an Eaton County prosecutor asked the judge to throw out the Sept. 18 plea deal for domestic violence, a lesser misdemeanor, because it was based on “inaccurate information.”

“I am not going to conjecture on hiring anyone,” Walberg said in a telephone interview Thursday. “As far as we’re concerned, this is not a political thing; it’s an issue for the courts. We’re going to do the best for the district we represent.”

Coons admitted hitting his 9-year-old foster child in the face Aug. 27, a police report shows. Walberg said he knew of the incident around Sept. 12. Coons resigned as volunteer coordinator Oct. 25 after the Citizen Patriot reported his guilty plea.