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MyDD hired Tim Tagaris to cover the “Dollar” Bill Jefferson/ Karen Carter run off in Louisiana. He has some good posts up at MyDD including videos with several NOLA bloggers.

Here is one withOyster discussing the race.

Here is also a shorter one with withMaitri, Ashley andAdrastos in the Lower 9th ward.

Tim will be posting from NOLA the next few weeks so check it out atMyDD.

2 thoughts on “Check it out

  1. Saw Tab Benoit, from Houma, LA, last night at the Cabooze in Minneapolis. Just before his encore he gave a passionate talk about what has NOT happened after Katrina. He said that there is a bill before Congress that will allow LA to collect oil royalties. Apparently, LA is the only state in the Union that doesn’t get to collect said royalties. This would provide some major money for reconstruction, since Bu$hCo won’t. Does anyone know anything about his bill?

  2. Yes there is a House bill and Senate bill.
    Louisiana wants to use the royalties to restore the wetlands. Hopefully for them they’ll get something passed.

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