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Below is a post about nominating one of OUR videos (9th Ward: God is Watching Us) for the 2006 Weblog Awards. First I say OURS because it was YOU the readers who provided the money to make them possible. And we all owe a big Thank You to First Drafter, lb0313, who opened her New Orleans home to me, fed me, introduced me to the people in many of the videos and it was lb who drove the car on that trip through the 9th Ward. Without lb it simply would not have been possible to share these stories. She shared her home, friends and city with me and you. We owe her a debt of gratitude.

When I saw the Best Video category it was the 9th Ward video that first came to my mind. Last night a few others came to mind. Today I was checking and found we have done 39 Katrina related videos with 28 of those being all original content (a requirement of the awards). I was surprised we had done that many.

The one other video that came to mind as perhaps award worthy is“New Orleans-Gutting A Home.” This video shows the hard work that is being done one house at a time to rebuild New Orleans. It would be important for people to see this video to realize what is happening in NOLA and how hard people are working to reclaim their city.

So if anyone wants to go over and nominate it you cango HERE to do so. Just leave a comment naming “New Orleans–Gutting a Home.” The link for the video..

The other video this all got me thinking about is one of my personal favorites… “Jose–I Love This place.” It is an interview with NOLA photographer Jose Fernandes who did not evacuate for Katrina. After the storm had passed Jose went out and photographed the city and its people. Interspliced into the interview are Jose’s photos just after the storm and also 6 months later. Jose voiced such a love for the city and a message of hope…it is because Jose is who he is that I just love the video.

Unfortunately I did not have a camera stand for the interview and so it is marred by distracting camera shake as I was holding the camera by hand…something for which I still kick myself.

I think we need to remember things are still Not OK down there and never forget why it is important to rebuild. Jose says it so well and so here’s the video once again if you haven’t seen it or to remind you…there’s much to be done yet, it is worth doing and we must fight to save New Orleans.

You can see all of Jose’s photosHERE—–

9 thoughts on “More Thoughts on OUR videos

  1. Scout – you don’t owe me nothing.
    But I am very grateful that out of all this mess has come our friendship. And I thank you for caring about my city and shouting this all our in such a fine way

  2. someday I will learn to type
    shout it out.
    Next time we do Lil DIzzies for amazing creole lunch.
    Oh, Mr LB just came back form a jazz conference and observered that none of the old musicians talk about the hurricane. They call it – ‘The Flood’. As in, I lost all that in the flood.
    Way more accurate – and biblical of course.

  3. Well it needed to be said lb
    Can’t wait for the Creole lunch! Mmmmm
    Flood does seem best in every way

  4. hey, Craig Klein was just on the Comic Relief 2006 thing on HBO! They had a little blirp on the Arabi Wrecking Krewe.

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