Chinchillas wish you all a happy holiday.

Last year Mr. A and I hosted an Orphan Thanksgiving for all our expat friends who were stuck in town over the weekend for work and had nowhere to go. I made the traditional dinner, which led to me trying to explain to a guy from Taiwan what the deal was with the turkey and the whole holiday in fact.

I stammered around the whole “community gesture with the Native Americans” thing and eventually just came up with, “It’s an excuse to get together with people you like when it’s really fucking cold out and gorge yourself on a stuffed bird and drink beer.”

Because really, the pagan inside me feels that deeply this time of year, the turning of the earth and the darkness. It’s a good day to take stock of what you’ve got, and what you’re happy to have, be that as simple as the roof over your head or as complicated as your whole extended family.

What are you thankful for?


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  1. Pansypoo. No typed words on a computer screen can convey how sorry I am to hear that. Take care of your self. I know that electronic blog friends can’t hold you when you cry and make you laugh when you are sad, but believe me when I say. If I was there in person I would:” I think we all would. You are part of us. Part of the good side. That side wants the best out of our journalists and politicians. You fight for that and we all fight with you.
    You deserve better things to happen, but sometimes the universe doesn’t cooperate. But the people here surround you and support you and lift you up.
    Stay well.

  2. thank you spocko.
    no, it isn’t fucking fair. to me, his parents, his sons.
    that he loved me, isn’t enough.
    god fucking OWES me.

  3. pansypoo is thankful for the democrats saving america, but pansypoo also has a heavy heart. if losing a beloved grandparent eery fucking year of bush, only 04′ and 05 were death free, but this fucking year, which should be one of the best, i lost the man i love, before the magic could begin and 51 is to fucking young to die.
    so, it may be a long time before this holiday will be good for me. spend half my time trying to avoid christmas is getting hard.
    long distance relationships SUCK.

  4. Black_Sheep_One
    I know, I know. I told him that I would TOTALLY pay to send him to DC. I mean hell he could talk to LES! Hassle Pony Blow. He declined. I think that if he showed up he would have to reveal his secret ID and that the people at the Daily Planet would figure out he is Superman.

  5. I’m thankful for the Internets and the ability to connect with people this way. I’m thankful for my family even though half of them are politically insane supporters of Bush. I’m thank for my health and not having to kill people or be worried about killing people or being killed today like millions around the world.
    I’m thankful that enough people finally woke up to what a terrible group of “leaders” we have.
    I’m thankful for my readers especially PT Cruiser and Interobang, Merujo and a few of the folks here who have been following my saga of fighting hate speech on the radio (We all have our Obsessions. Holden has shown us the way.) I’m thankful that Media Matters picked my piece yesterday.
    I’m thank for for Media Matters partly because it has paid some good people like Atrios, Boehlert and Others to do their important work.
    It it is NOT Cheesy to thank you all for working to make the world better. Even just by educating your self. We all sent Scout to New Orleans (Now if I could just convince Holden to go to DC to live blog the gaggle and ask a few questions…)
    Have a great day everyone.
    Live Long and Prosper.

  6. Well it is nice to have our own ‘community’ too and I’m glad that we have to space to share.

  7. I am thankful for the gift of imagination and everything you Athena stir in mine with your powerful and prophetic words.

  8. A family and a home, a day off work to nurse my rotten sinuses, the big Dem gains in the elections, and the steady downtick of days on the Bush craptocalypse.
    What, you want epics?
    Epics are for old people. Ask me again in 30 years.

  9. I’m thankful I live in California, where the sun is shining and the flowers on the balconey are still blooming.
    And I’m happy I have places like this and the crack den to hang out with really interesting people. Later today I’ll be happy I have friends who will take in a orphan on Thanksgiving and feed her lots of good food.

  10. My mother died on Thanksgiving in 1996, so it hasn’t been as happy a day for me since then. I am thankful however for my family, my friends, my cats and the Nov 2006 election results. Oh, and I am especially thankful for Athenae, Holden, Tena and Scout. Y’all are just wonderful.

  11. Sadly, holidays are always pretty boring for me. Small family – just my folks, my sister, and myself – and same “traditional” boring old routine…and since I’ve moved back home it’s not even remotely exciting to get to go home for said holiday cuz, well, I’m already here.
    (Side Rant: Yes, I’m old enough to have moved away and young enough to have had to move back home and living in NY makes it impossible to pay rent and live elsewhere and thus I am trapped. So while I am thankful for having a place to live, I kinda really friggin wish it was my own place again. But I digress.)
    I always wished I had a bigger family and that holidays were more of an event. I really like the idea of your Orphan Thanksgiving, A., and I like your explanation of the occassion, too. With a small and (albeit loving but) not-so-close family, I’ve always said I make my own family – friends, people you chose to love and care about and share your life with. That can backfire on you, too, and this year, with not a whole lot of family (biological or otherwise) around, I guess I’m kind of bumming over the whole Thanksgiving gathering thing. But I’m thankful for my job that is stressful and not where I ultimately want to be, but pays my bills and is at times very rewarding. I’m thankful for being able to be in grad school. Thankful for the people that love me, and for those that I love. Thankful for the lesson’s I’ve learned, even the ones I keep repeating. And thankful for all of you (yeah, cheese) because this kinda stuff keeps me a little more sane, a little more centered, and a little more grounded then I would otherwise be without FD and the gang.
    Not that I’ve got that ridiculously long and possibly too personal comment off my chest, I should go see if Mom needs any help in the kitchen. That, and it’s well after noon, and I’ve got a nice bottle of pinot waiting for me in the fridge – better get started on that. So…Happy Thanksgiving. Blessed Be. And Cheers!

  12. I don’t think many days go by that I don’t remember how blessed I am and feel enormously grateful for it. But that’s part of what makes Thanksgiving my favorite holiday of the year. It’s not about getting stuff or candy or anything like that. It’s about getting together with the people you love and taking some time to think about all the things you have to be thankful for. (And football. It’s also about football.)
    I’d love to see more people incorporate a little bit of Thanksgiving into every day — taking a moment to remember how fortunate we are, even in the midst of our daily chaos. But even if we all do that, I still love the idea of taking one day out of the year to celebrate it.

  13. A warm house, good friends, a full plate, comfortable shoes, and lots of Hanna Barbera cartoons

  14. Yesterday, sister and I were fantasizing about what heaven would be like, if there were in fact a heaven. Both of us agreed that it would be like a really comfortable and scenic Borsht Belt resort. You’d be surrounded by the people you love, with a terrifc buffet, and some nice scenery outside. Love, comfort, family and friends–that’s heaven on earth.

  15. I don’t do these “what are you thankful for” questions, which I feel are exceedingly lame. I think people should be thankful 365 days a year, anyway.

  16. Family. Friends. Our collective relatively good health. Warm homes for shelter. Enough food to eat. A job that allows me to provide for those I love.
    On a broader scale, I’m grateful for every day that brings us closer to the end of the blood-soaked Bush nightmare. And, of course, I’m so very, very grateful for you FDers and the other incredibly talented bloggers who have done so much to keep our stumbling democracy from going down for good.
    Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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