Crime and delusionment

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Here are statements from Karen Hughes regarding Abu Ghraib torture in an interview with Judy Woodruff at Talk to Power.

And what I say to people around the world is those pictures depicted crimes, and I don’t think anyone – any country around the world would want pictures of crimes that were committed by citizens of that country to somehow represent their country around the world, and we don’t want that either.The – some of the individuals that you see in those pictures mistreating prisoners are now serving prison sentences – lengthy prison sentences in federal prison as a result of those crimes. And so I would hope that people around the world would recognize the fact that those were crimes, not policies of the U.S. government,and that the individuals who perpetrated those crimes had been brought to justice. (emphasis mine)

First…lengthy? The sentence for the “poster person” of Abu Ghaib (Lynndie R. England) was 3 years in prison according to WaPo and her sentence compared as thus to the others…

The sentence fell in the middle of the range of punishments meted out against the nine original Army reservists shown in photographs of abuse at the prison, with the “ringleader” of the abuse getting a 10-year sentence and one soldier who failed to report the maltreatment getting no jail time.

And Hughes’ statement regarding US policy is laughable given this and this and the cya Military Commissions Act.

Her salary is a waste of money…put it to good use like in a fund for building levees.

3 thoughts on “Crime and delusionment

  1. norbizness says:

    Like a security guard standing watch over an empty building… that’s on fire.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Such an arrogant posture. You’d never guess by that pose that she knows the administration has lost the country. What a strong woman! Brave face, and all that.

  3. scoutprime says:

    That is an old pic but…

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