Your President Speaks!

Live, from Amman, Jordan, it’s the Chimpy Show.

Time Limits Defined

A time limit. As soon as possible.

All About al Qaeda

And, yes, I talked about making sure that al Qaeda doesn’t take — doesn’t provide — gets safe haven in Iraq.


Well that’s — killers taking innocent life is, in some cases, sectarian. I happen to view it as criminal, as well as sectarian.

All About Oil

But it’s one thing to put people in uniform, and another thing to have clear command structure, or the capacity to move troops from point A to point B, or the capacity to make sure that the troop carrier from point A to point B has got the necessary air in its tires or oil in its engine. In other words, this is a sophisticated operation to get a unifying army stood up.

Graceless Exit Preferred

And that’s why this business about graceful exit just simply has no realism to it at all.

Listen To What Iraqis Says

The only way that Iraq is going to be able to succeed is when the Iraqis, led by a capable person, says, we’re tired of it, we don’t want violence, we want the peace that our 12 million people voted for.

This Guy

PRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. Prime Minister, you want to answer some more questions? (Laughter.) Go ahead. Hold on for a minute. Wait, wait, wait.

PRIME MINISTER MALIKI: We said six question, now this is the seventh — this is the eighth — eight questions.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Yes, this guy?

Hard Kweschin

Q (As translated.) Mr. President, in light of the war that the United States is fighting against terror in Iraq, what has been accomplished? What do you expect to be accomplished after a three-year confrontation?

Another question — other people are accusing the United States of bringing terrorism to Iraq, and the proof is that what’s going on in Iraq and what’s going on in Afghanistan. And the biggest loser is the Iraqi citizen.

PRESIDENT BUSH: It’s an interesting analysis: the biggest loser for a free society is the Iraqi citizen when this society was just liberated from the grips of a brutal tyrant that killed thousands and thousands of the Iraqi citizens.

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

5 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Oh, the fuckwad still doesn’t get it. He thinks Iraqis don’t mind dying by they tens or hundreds of thousands as long as it isn’t by the hand of a dictator. Instead, they’re dying by the hand of a dick!

  2. Holden, you’re on a roll today, but ya gotta say, Bush makes your job easy.

  3. “Mr. Prime Minister, you want to answer some more questions? (Laughter.) Go ahead. Hold on for a minute. Wait, wait, wait.”
    Lets forget for a moment my rather negative feeling towards Shrub and look from the situation as if I were truly indoctrinated into the idea that the Iraqis are throwing roses at us.
    If so, at this point, it is extremely important for the Iraqi people to develop confidence in their leadershp. It is extremely important for the Iraqi PM to appear to be gaining control of the situation.
    So why is Shrub making sure to answer all the questions? It makes it appear that the Chimperor is holding Maliki like a marionette. Not only that, it is highly insulting to any sovereign nation for a foreign *ahem* leader to waltz into town and tell you how to run your country.
    It is as if the bozo is doing everything he can to undermine the rise of the Iraqi government.
    And that is my analysis of the situation while looking at it from the Chiperor’s point of view. And let’s forget leaked memos on the quality of the Iraqi government (and I guarantee you in the goosestepping interlas of the Shrub executive branch, nothing is done without the micromanaged approval).
    —This is MapleStreet- just forgot to login

  4. sadr will be greeted as the new iraqqi overlord with rose petals and hosannahs.
    so far that demockcrassi taint as great as georgie said it would be.

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