Watch Out For That Ass-Loving Screen Door

The Republican Juggernaut finally closes her District Office in Sarasota.

Harris hasn’t made any public appearances since her Nov. 7 defeat by U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. It was the first time she had ever been defeated on the campaign trail.

And she has declined to discuss publicly her plans for the future.

Her spokesman in Washington, D.C., Gerry Fritz, tells people who ask that Harris is scheduled to travel abroad and spend time with her family. Harris wasn’t offering any additional insight on Thursday.

“You can read about it in the newspapers,” she said.


8 thoughts on “Watch Out For That Ass-Loving Screen Door

  1. In the circles I travel in, that footwear — or something very much like it — is known as Joan Crawford ‘Come Fuck Me’ pumps.
    And it looks like Kath got the rattiest pair ever remaindered in Filene’s Basement.

  2. again i would ask, slippers? those are slippers? more like,… i can’t even compare them to anything.

  3. Looks like she just rolled out of bed and those “shoes” are house slippers.
    “Thanks boys – I’ll stop by and show you my tits again if you’d like”
    Thor Heyerdahl

  4. Janitors: Look lady ya gotta leave now. We got new tenants coming in an hour. We gottta take down the sign and clean this mess up.

  5. From the outfit, I’d guess she’s going to become Florida’s most famous bag lady? (no offense to actual bag ladies, of course…)

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