A Family of Pariahs

Chimpy made it clear in yesterday’s presser that he has no concern whatsoever regarding how the public views his policies and actions during his lifetime. He’s only concerned about what will be written about his presidency 200 years after his death.

I don’t think the man realizes that he will never be able to appear in any public setting in which the other people present have not been carefully screened for anti-Bush bumper stickers and t-shirts. Were he to do so he would be heckled mercilessly, at the very least. He has not been among the general public for six years now, and he seems to believe that his emperial lifestyle at the White House will never end.

However, more pragmatic members of the Bush clan realize that CHimpy has ruined the family name.

The shadow of President Bush seemed to loom large over his younger brother on Wednesday, as the outgoing Florida governor ruled out any plans to return to elected office.

“No tengo futuro (I have no future),” Jeb Bush told Spanish-language reporters in Miami, when asked about any possible political ambitions after he steps down next month.

The popular, two-term governor has often been touted as a savvy politician with a good chance of following both his brother and father, George H.W. Bush, into the White House.

But the unpopularity and dismal job-approval ratings of his brother may have scuttled any plans Jeb Bush may have had for a future in politics after running one of America’s most crucial swing states for the past eight years.


In a backhanded slap at President Bush, [Kansas Sen. Sam ] Brownback [R-NotGonnaBePresidentEither] cited “a heritage issue” as one factor currently weighing against a Jeb Bush presidency.

“People may be wanting to see a different name,” he said.

4 thoughts on “A Family of Pariahs

  1. Okay, I’m glad to hear that because frankly, this is America and the notion of dynasties just strikes me as the direct opposite of everything this country was meant to be.
    And if you had to have an aristocracy, you certainly wouldn’t pick people like the Bushes, for God’s sake.
    So maybe there is a God after all, though She has a strange and quirky sense of humor.

  2. Actually, the presser was just a pretense to lead into the cretin in chief’s real message: GO SHOPPING.
    And today the economy has been shown to have slowed to 2% growth. Could the WH be getting Everything Wrong?
    Short answer, yeh.

  3. well, i ain’t happy til the whole fucking family is forced into exile ala baby doc.

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