13 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. …in the “redone” press room? Apparently, they’ve redone it so they can get better halo shots.
    The angle will look even better on President Gore.

  2. I see something a little different than the usual halo shots. Could those be budding horns I see growing out of Dubya’s head???

  3. “So I says to God I says, ‘Pull my finger” and God says ‘Okay’ and they I cut a real Silent But Deadly one and God says, “What’s that smell?” and I said “I don’t smell anything.” and God say, “Nuke IRAN! They have Nukes and will fire them toward Israel if you don’t act now! Save the world! Save the Cheerleader and you Save the World’ And I knew that I was the cheerleader ’cause who else would talk that that? And then I kind of woke up and I wondered if it was all a dream but I smelled like farts so I figured God really did pull my finger. So that is why I’m issuing an executive order to send a tactical nuke to Iran.”

  4. Uh, not to notice trivialities, but doesn’t the President of the US normally wear shirts with cuff links?
    I mean, at everything?
    When did he start buying off the rack at Filene’s?
    Sorry, I don’t have a caption.

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