Stopped Clock Syndrome

Bill Bennet is right.Gerald Ford was a pussy.

Since “decency” seems to be the watchword of the day and the consensus modifier for Jerry Ford (a view with which I generally concur), may I nevertheless be permitted to ask this: just how decent, how courageous, is what Jerry Ford did with Bob Woodward? He slams Bush & Cheney to Woodward in 2004, but asks Woodward not to print the interview until he’s dead. If he felt so strongly about his words having a derogatory affect, how about telling Woodward not to run the interview until after Bush & Cheney are out of office? The effect of what Ford did is to protect himself, ensuring he can’t be asked by others about his critiques, ensuring that there can be no dialogue. The way Ford does it with Woodward, he doesn’t have to defend himself…he simply drops it into Bob Woodward’s tape recorder and let’s the bomb go off when fully out of range, himself. This is not courage, this is not decent.

Although I could not disagree more with Bennet’s suggestion that Ford refrain from criticizing Dear Leader until after he leaves office, it was cowardly of Ford to embargo the Woodward interview until after his death. Former presidents have a duty to speak out when their contry is in crisis.

8 thoughts on “Stopped Clock Syndrome

  1. So how old is Kissinger? Jimmy Carter?
    And they’re still speaking out, for good or ill. At 91, Ford simply may not have had the energy to battle the swiftboaters. If he was fit enough and was silent, and valued his party above country, shame on him.

  2. ford was old school. old school presidents don’t slam the new presidents. bill bennet is an asshole. and why is mister morals for thee, not for me even allowed to open his piehole?
    the republikkkans impeached clinton cause they thought they could get away with it.and after all the investigations and $ down the drain, what did they get? we have to get rid of teevee gnews and the medeeya that is destroying america.

  3. It has also long been the custom for ex-presidents to refuse to strongly criticize their successors. That is necessary in order to establish clearly that the current President is the one in charge
    Yeah, they were all very quiet and civil regarding Clinton, weren’t they?
    And I agree with Holden, if Ford believed the war was wrong, he should have spoken up, not in 2004 but in 2002 when it might have made a difference.
    He’s got several hundred thousand lives to atone for…that’s a damn long stay in purgatory.

  4. I agree and disagree with Hoppy. I totally disagree with the revenge motive, that’s the one the media keeps using today to trivialize impeachment as if vengence for the Clinton impeachment, as if impeachment is a game along a time continuim (sp?), instead of the stand alone event based on current events that it is.
    It wouldn’t have been a revenge impeachment, it would have been disinfectent cleaning out the supperating infection of Republican criminality, abuse, greed, and hubris. Just think, no GHWB, no Cheney, no Rumsfeld, no Bolton, no Negroponte, no Reagan, all because the Nixon presidency was purged of its criminal element by an impeachment and trial.
    I agree though, that Ford did nothing wrong by putting a lid on the interview. And the vomit of Bennett demonstrates pretty well the soundness of that decision. Why should a 90 year old man have to put up with the crap of today’s GOP? Swift boat Jerry Ford at the age of 90?
    And they would have, bet on it.

  5. Ford did the right thing when he pardoned Nixon. Our country needed a respite from Nixon, and it needed to get back to normalcy. Taking revenge by putting Nixon on trial would have done nothing of benefit to the country. Justice was served by Nixon having to leave office prematurely and in disgrace.
    It has also long been the custom for ex-presidents to refuse to strongly criticize their successors. That is necessary in order to establish clearly that the current President is the one in charge, not any former President. Ford was also correct in that regard too. Even his statements to Woodward are not strongly anti-Bush, but are tactfully expressed disagreements, largely of the order that he, Ford, didn’t believe he would have made those decisions.
    Ford was a man of high integrity, possibly the last Republican President to have that kind of integrity.

  6. Ford and Colin Powell can both go straight to hell. As leaders and public servants, their job, their patriotic duty, is to bring these things to light in a timely manner. They are cowards for being quiet and then trying to redeem themselves by criticizing later.
    Ford has no room to talk about bad decisions. He F***d this country when he pardoned Nixon, if he hadn’t the MF’s wouldn’t be back now, thirty years later with a vengeant hardon for war and pillaging the treasury. *spits*

  7. …it was cowardly of Ford…
    I don’t agree. In 2004, Ford was what, 91? And in poor health. He probably knew he’d be dead shortly and he knew what the MSM and the right wing swiftboater jackoffs would do to him and his family. I can’t blame a guy for wanting some peace for himself and his family during the final moments of his life.

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