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The Times Picayune has a story on the sad state of affairs for NOLA renters. Their inclusion in the Road Home program in April was an afterthought though 82,000 rental properties took severe damage compared to 123,000 homes which has been the focus of the program. Only $869 million in no-interest loans will go to aid landlords compared to $7.5 billion in the form of grants for homeowners. The TP says relief for rental owners and thus renters is a long way off, even though Orleans parish has seen rents skyrocket by 70%. Of course for perspective it is important to remember that only about 100 homeowners out of 90,000 applicants have received a payout from the Road Home so far. The much maligned ICF crorporation responsible for those slow results will also run the rentals program. It’s going to be a long Road Home for all unfortunately.