12 thoughts on “Happy Day

  1. truly awesome! i was busy being sick all day so i missed pretty much anything that happened. thanks for posting this. this is a big exciting crazy deal! yay!
    pardon my being a bit of a debbie downer, though, in pointing out that she mentioned the importance of a strong middle class, but nothing of those who live in persistent poverty or of the working poor – who, i do believe, have the same rights to higher education and health care as do the shrinking and/or fictional “middle class”. but okay, baby steps.

  2. Perfect song choice, scout. Both the song and the singer. Not many people could take that song in a stomp tempo and give it that kind of intensity. Wow. Thanks for putting this together–I’m gonna have a happy smile on my face all day from watching it!

  3. Hastert was the best with his lame clapping. Musta nearly killed him to do that.

  4. Moments like these make me proud of my country! I have waited so long to express those words again.

  5. I was busy all day- didn’t have a chance to see anything till now — wow! Just think- those little grandsons are NEVER going to forget being there today.
    thanx for the babs,too!

  6. but if she dyes her hair, i hope she stops. grey hair should be something we appreciate. and it makes you look old.

  7. Did anyone catch her “we can do it” pose, the famous Rosie the Riveter pose? She was signaling to someone in the crowd and I could easily lip read her saying, “we can do it”. I found the ceremony to be extremely moving, and I have never felt better about Nancy Pelosi. Now if we can move Bush and Cheney aside it will be President Pelosi!

  8. You know, I’m a cynical old bag, especially concerning politicians, and that brought tears to my eyes.

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