Belated Ferretblogging

Sorry, kids. A nasty stomach bug prevented me from lifting my head from the pillow yesterday AT ALL, much less getting near enough to the furballs to get their good sides (ferrets can catch human flu, and their medical care is a HELL of a lot more expensive than mine). They missed you, though, and they’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and all wanting to be in the pet carrier at once:


11 thoughts on “Belated Ferretblogging

  1. Oh, and lots of Vitamin C and B-vitamins “Emergen – C” is good stuff.

  2. The worst thing about that virus is it mutates so quickly, you can get it AGAIN.
    I’ve had it twice so far.
    Here’s what worked for me: Pepto Bismol, to get your Bismuth levels up, and Gerolsteiner mineral water, to balance your minerals. You need to get your stomach acid up to kill this stuff, so put some lime juice or pineapple juice in the water.

  3. Yeah, poor Fox has been losing his tail fur. It happens when they get older.

  4. Norovirus may not be a BT weapon on purpose but it’s a damned fine accidental one!

  5. Athenae, I hope that you feel better today. The ferrets are having a better time of it than you, that’s for sure.

  6. A. the newspaper here is reporting that there is a nationwide epidemic of “norovirus”, which sounds like what you have. It lasts 3 days and is thought to be the “cruise ship virus” that keeps popping up. I notice also that the NBA teams all seem to be going thru that virus.
    Is it time to start the panic about a biological warfare, islamofascist terrorist attack?
    Anyway, take care.

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